Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

I went shopping today, and I bought... ... a Bluetooth silicone keyboard. A RED Bluetooth silicone keyboard. The plan I'm considering, you see, is to go travelling without my netbook computer (I know, radical!!) and use my smartphone for blogging and booking accommodation etc. Which is what I'm doing now. Yep, I'm blogging on my … Continue reading Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

10 rules for writing first drafts (via copyblogger)

Really short and sweet post today... I just came across the following poster from copyblogger. It's quite pertinent for me at the moment as I try to finish-the-hell-out-of-this cursed, er, fantastically wonderful novel. Yeah. Stuff to remember... Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. You can also download as a PDF from … Continue reading 10 rules for writing first drafts (via copyblogger)

Quotes for writers who are stuck

I've been working on a novel for a while now. I'm getting very close to the end of the first draft, but the closer I get to the end, the harder it gets. Something's not gelling. I know the ending -- have always known it -- but I can't quite figure out how to get … Continue reading Quotes for writers who are stuck

Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

I have the perfect photo for this week's photo challenge, for which the theme is Companionable.The challenge was laid down to us bloggers to avoid flinging more cat photos into the maelstrom of the Interwebs and so I have responded with... THIS!The above is me and a rather, er, large bottle of wine in the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

A writer’s weapon — from above

A while back I shared my obsession with spiral-bound notebooks. Today it's all about their partners in crime -- PENS. Look at them! Aren't they pretty? None of these are expensive (in pen terms), but they are a step above the average disposable ballpoint. I have this many because, like most writers, I reach for … Continue reading A writer’s weapon — from above

New year’s #WIP500 resolution

My resolution for this new year is very simple. I'm going to complete the draft of the novel I'm currently working on. Of course, execution of this goal is unlikely to be simple. The longer I persevere with this fiction writing habit, the harder it seems to get. Possibly this is because I demand more of myself as time goes … Continue reading New year’s #WIP500 resolution

Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

The most common writing advice one ever receives is the obvious one: WRITE. The actual act of putting the words down is more important than everything else -- including blogging and social media, reading educational posts and books, attending courses and conventions, meetings with the writers group. Carve out writing time and protect it. Bum … Continue reading Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

Why I keep a Writing Journal

When I started writing my current novel manuscript back at the beginning of June, I also started keeping a writing journal. On the first few pages I scribbled down the basic premise and broad story overview, a preliminary list of major turning points, and a list of major characters. After that, I started keeping almost daily … Continue reading Why I keep a Writing Journal