A writer’s weapon — from above

A while back I shared my obsession with spiral-bound notebooks. Today it’s all about their partners in crime — PENS.

Look at them! Aren’t they pretty?

pens (white)

None of these are expensive (in pen terms), but they are a step above the average disposable ballpoint. I have this many because, like most writers, I reach for pens in all sorts of places — handbag, computer bag, coffee table, study… And once you start writing with a nice ballpoint, there’s simply no going back.

I also have so many because I’ve developed the habit of buying myself a new pen to cheer myself up or celebrate. Well, there are worse vices!

I’ve been giving my various pens a workout of late (did I mention the 32 scrawled pages of notes trying to figure out what was going to happen next?). And for this reason, PENS are my inspiration of the week.

pens (black)

This image also serves as my entry in the WordPress weekly photo challengeFrom Above. I thought the photo might have turned out better (at least it did in my mind), but oh well.

Bring on the pens!

Are you looking for a change from disposable ballpoint pens? Perraz is a very inexpensive brand — three of mine are Perraz. Others are Parker and Shaeffer. Does anyone else treat themselves to small presents from time to time?


16 thoughts on “A writer’s weapon — from above

  1. I can feel ya but I can’t reach ya on this one.
    I’m all about the pencils. When I try to write in pen, I end up with a cross-hatch of line-outs. I can screw up my own signature if given enough motivation.
    Pencils all the way for me…


    1. Haha – I can’t really come at pencils. Too much sharpening or breaking and the smudging! Besides, what’s the chance you’ll rub something out that you wish you hadn’t a week later?


    1. You just bought four?! How wonderful. I’m probably fortunate I don’t often walk past the pen shops… There is of course the big stationery store, out of which I cannot come empty-handed. Heh.


  2. My husband can’t walk past a second hand or antique store without going in to look at the pens!!! For me personally, nothing writes better than an old fashioned Parker, preferably with a thick point


    1. I never thought of antique stores… Ooh, this could be dangerous! By old fashioned Parker do you mean a fountain pen? I used to love a fountain pen, but haven’t used one in a while. Maybe I should fill one up again and give it a whirl!


  3. Oh, you and my husband! He can’t go into Staples without looking at pens, markers, and mechanical pencils. We are overrun with them, and he buys more. (Of course, I lose so many that he has to buy more out of self-defense.)


    1. Yes, one can never have too many! I love having pens stashed everywhere, so I don’t have to look very far… And highlighters as well. They’re stashed in both my handbag and my computer bag. 🙂


  4. I am extremely picky about my pens (my fave is a brand called Precise – a roller ball type of pen) because I do so much writing at work. I have them all over my writing spaces at home and in a special place at my desk at work (so no one “accidentally” swipes them. There are few things more annoying than trying to write with a pen that doesn’t flow right.


    1. I completely agree. I haven’t heard of the Precise brand — are they pretty?

      I too am very protective of my pens — won’t pass them around with a sign-in sheet, for instance. Too easy to lose track of who had it last!


  5. Pretty pens! My husband is obsessed with pens, so I get to benefit from that obsession and have lots of pretty pens stashed as a result 😉

    I do buy myself little gifts ~ usually a sparkly lip gloss!


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