The D&D Chronicles page

D&D CHRONICLESWhen I first started playing Dungeons and Dragons in May 2012, I thought it would be fun to blog my experiences.

Little did I think we’d still be going on the same campaign several years later. It’s like a story that never finishes!

So, with more than 50 D&D Chronicles posts (at the time of writing), and five characters under my belt, I’ve decided it’s probably past time to create an archive page to make it easy to read the entire adventure from the beginning.

All the posts are listed at the bottom in order, with links.

Introducing the adventurers

The first party of four (which got TPK’d in the second session) comprised a ranger, rogue, bard, and druid. Mine was the bard. That’s enough about them. They were so pathetic I didn’t even record their names.

We started from square one in our third session with a new combination of characters: ranger (Rhi – played by me), mage (Calwyn), cleric (Pasquale) and rogue (Tessla). These guys didn’t do so bad… Tessla was the first to go, replaced by Saffir.

Then came a momentous session in January 2013, when we gained an additional player/paladin (Intan), poor Rhi turned into a ghoul and was beheaded, then Pasquale jumped into a pool in plate armour. Welcome ranger Ash and cleric Alix.

This party survived intact (more or less) for another year, until Ash and Saffir had their throats cut by goblins.

There followed a period of high character turnover. Ash and Saffir were replaced by Kae and Effu. Intan got swept away by a river, to be replaced by a fighter, Madon. Effu and Madon then got killed by a minotaur… their replacements Sir Robin (fighter) and Sparrow (rogue) lasted about two sessions, when they were abandoned, along with Kae, by Calwyn and Alix who fled for their lives.

Our party was rather uneven for a while — the seemingly invincible mage/Calwyn and cleric/Alix getting stronger and stronger; the new ranger/Zillah, rogue/Schill and fighter/Ammonite struggling to catch up.

Despite this, we formed a cohesive unit pretty quickly, bound together by the Left Eye of Varrien — one of the objects we had been seeking. We all went south together with the Eye.

Alas, Schill perished not too long after that to a slime creature and was replaced by Brynn. Then we all went to The Crater Of Doom, which claimed three lives: the unlucky Calwyn (slain by Ammonite under a charm), Ammonite (who nonetheless single-handedly took out five centaurs first), and Brynn (separated from the party and attacked by giant wasps).

Our new fighter was Vaantus; the experienced Calwyn was replaced by mage/rogue, Squirrel; and we gained an additional cleric, Blizzard. We also gained a sixth player/character — a mage called Abra.

This new-look party got into some trouble in town, then kicked about in a cursed forest for a while, almost dying several times… Zillah did lose Ash, her canine animal companion, then Vaantus got all disillusioned and took up an offer of employment as a guard. So now we’ve been joined by Nightshade, one of the forest outlaws.

After an eventful sojourn in the town of Kelsen, in which we took over the thieves guild and bought a house, Zillah has a new animal companion (Fleet, a desert cat) and Nightshade acquired her first (Domino, a ferret). Abra decided things were becoming too hot for him and left the party.

There ensued a foray into the accursed Dust Plains in pursuit of a cleric who stole the Eye of Varrien, including Events in the city of Issimbaal (oh, that library!). We also hared off to fetch a fallen star for a master smith, and encountered a prophecy. Then it was back out into the Dust Plains to retrieve the Haft of the Flail (huzzah!), and clear out the Temple of Death — in so doing retrieving the stolen Eye.

We lost Blizzard on the Dust Plains, though. To an earth elemental. Alas, he couldn’t be resurrected. We met a new companion, though, Blaze, a paladin. He helped us clear out the temple and joined our quest.

Next we retrieved the Stars of the Flail of Wind and Rain from a dragon in the swamps. But not before the dragon fed poor Squirrel to water monsters. (There’s no coming back from that.) Luckily we’ve met a new mage, a furbolg called Fenfaren, who has agreed to come with us on the last leg of our quest…

Thus does our party stand… for the moment.

  • Cleric – Alix
  • Ranger – Zillah (with animal companion, Fleet, a desert cat)
  • Mage – Fenfaren
  • Paladin – Blaze
  • Ranger – Nightshade (with animal companion, Domino, a ferret)

[April 2018]



  1. The novice
  2. In which goblins smash us
  3. Enter zombies
  4. Rise of the miniatures
  5. In which we almost starve to death
  6. The temple in the treetops
  7. Of spiders and a squirrel
  8. Death… and resurrection
  9. Doors and a giant staircase
  10. Shit happens… and then you die
  11. A tough induction for Ash
  12. Beware giant chickens
  13. Tunnels and tons of rubble
  14. Explaining the basics
  15. Goblins and barrow wights
  16. The paladin’s tale
  17. Of gods, monsters and travelling
  18. Tragedy at the island
  19. Dwarven treasure
  20. A dodgy bargain with the enemy
  21. Playing both sides
  22. A trail of corpses
  23. Fast talking and fast walking
  24. In which Ash loses part of her soul and gains a wolf
  25. Vale Ash
  26. Slaying in the rain
  27. More death and some vengeance
  28. Zillah arrives and explores a citadel
  29. Zillah takes the unknown path (and has a good day)
  30. In which we are run out of town
  31. Trek through snow to the Lake of Tears
  32. In the depths of the barrow is a wurm and an Eye
  33. The (left) Eye of Varrien
  34. What was lost is now found
  35. The Eye goes south
  36. Zillah becomes a sell-sword with dire consequence
  37. The silver whistle
  38. A puzzle solved and then a test
  39. The island, the mage and the volcano
  40. Calamity in the forest, disaster at sea
  41. Back to the crater where there are centaurs
  42. The Green Man
  43. We pull off the retrieval mission but are betrayed
  44. At the crossroads
  45. Chased out of town. Again
  46. Fighting through the Broken Forest
  47. Death of an animal companion
  48. The fireball and the goblin chief
  49. Triumph over the troll lord
  50. Tale of the Dark Tree
  51. Making friends (and not friends) in Kelsen
  52. Fleet and flame
  53. In which we take over the Thieves Guild
  54. Journey into the swamp
  55. The Ziggurat
  56. Guardian of the library
  57. Trying to survive the mage college of Issimbaal
  58. Three battles, third time not so lucky
  59. Getting our butts kicked in and around Issimbaal
  60. Of portals, dust and a strange villa
  61. Ghostly encounters
  62. In which we leave Tippa in a tight spot
  63. A prophecy and a falling star
  64. Operation Skystone not going too well
  65. In the hanging gardens
  66. To Kyam by water and dust
  67. Tomb of Horrors – part 1
  68. The haft of the Flail (Tomb of Horrors – Part 2)
  69. Temple of Death
  70. Temple of Death yields death (and bounty)
  71. Quest for the Stars
  72. The lost city of Jhardhemeth
  73. In which Rakshasa prove masters of the common ambush
  74. One enemy down, a dragon to go
  75. The Stars
  76. The treachery of Nightshade
  77. Into Tel Marrenor
  78. In which we start a revolution
  79. The Colossus