Sunday journal ~ rhythm

I'm contemplating a regular (semi-regular?) Sunday journal post, in which I muse briefly on recent creative endeavours and/or achievements. If it gets too boring, I'll stop, but let's see how we go... This past week I finished reading through the messy first draft of the novel I've been working on for the past, er, while. … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ rhythm

You can never have too many notebooks

Like many writers, I suspect, I have a notebook addiction.¬†(The kind you write in with a pen.) These days there are so many gorgeous ones available -- even in common, mass-market, office supply stores. And it's the inexpensive ones that are the most dangerous... because it seems perfectly acceptable to buy a few more when … Continue reading You can never have too many notebooks

WriMoFoFo wrap-up

I learnt some things about my writing process over the past 30 days of the WriMoFoFo challenge. The first is that I can actually push myself to let the story come out and 'write badly' if I put my mind to it. I kept telling myself that it didn't matter if the dialogue was bad, … Continue reading WriMoFoFo wrap-up

Why I keep a Writing Journal

When I started writing my current novel manuscript back at the beginning of June, I also started keeping a writing¬†journal. On the first few pages I scribbled down the basic premise and broad story overview, a preliminary list of major turning points, and a list of major characters. After that, I started keeping almost daily … Continue reading Why I keep a Writing Journal