On the move

Today I am on the move... Via train, tram, bus and of course foot! Destination wedding -- hence the fancy coat. Following the wedding at the very pretty Abbotsford Convent, I might even walk the 3.7km to the reception. These boots are made for walking, baby! I also figured a post from my phone app … Continue reading On the move

Selfie (with bronze-age village and purple hair)

It was only a few weeks ago I was reading about the origins of the word SELFIE, which has recently made it into the lexicons (or nearly) as an official word -- meaning, of course, to take a picture of one's self with one's camera... And now here we are with SELFIE as the theme … Continue reading Selfie (with bronze-age village and purple hair)

After a mega all-round effort my iPhone screams ‘no more!’

I was going to write a post called 'Ode to my iPhone'. Because I really gave my 4S phone a workout over the past month while travelling. More than a workout... It completed an endurance event. Like an ultra-marathon. Navigator. Blogging tool. Camera. Social media interface. Hotel finder. Tourist information centre. Even occasionally a phone. … Continue reading After a mega all-round effort my iPhone screams ‘no more!’

Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

I went shopping today, and I bought... ... a Bluetooth silicone keyboard. A RED Bluetooth silicone keyboard. The plan I'm considering, you see, is to go travelling without my netbook computer (I know, radical!!) and use my smartphone for blogging and booking accommodation etc. Which is what I'm doing now. Yep, I'm blogging on my … Continue reading Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

A writer’s weapon — from above

A while back I shared my obsession with spiral-bound notebooks. Today it's all about their partners in crime -- PENS. Look at them! Aren't they pretty? None of these are expensive (in pen terms), but they are a step above the average disposable ballpoint. I have this many because, like most writers, I reach for … Continue reading A writer’s weapon — from above

Study in Green (with lyrebirds)

After spending today in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, where all around is green, green, green, I've been inspired to participate in the current weekly photo challenge: Colour. We had a lovely time strolling through the verdant Australian bush -- past towering straight¬†eucalyptus trees, vast sprays of tree ferns, flocks of squawking sulphur-crested cockatoos, crimson … Continue reading Study in Green (with lyrebirds)

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood (or ‘My Writing Cafes’)

For this week's Phoneography Challenge, 'My Neighbourhood', I've decided to share with you the cafes in which I most commonly write. So I've spent all week taking photos -- plus included one or two I'd previously taken (on my phone of course!). My criteria for cafes to write in are: good coffee, nice ambiance and … Continue reading Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood (or ‘My Writing Cafes’)

Weekly photo challenge: lost in the details

Since it's phoneography month here at WordPress, I'm about to give mobile blogging a go... I've driven nearly 2 hours to the small Victorian town of Castlemaine for a gig by English folk singer Seth Lakeman. And from the sound check, which I'm currently listening to, it's going to be great! The photo below is … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: lost in the details