2013 is here — let’s get to it!

I am really looking forward to 2013. I have no idea why the arbitrary transition from one year to the next should mean anything, but it does, and I always find myself identifying new challenges and revising goals (once I'm done reflecting on the year that was)... Often my plans for a new year involve a scrambling … Continue reading 2013 is here — let’s get to it!

And that’s a NaNoWriMo wrap

Well, that was an experience. My first NaNoWriMo. I didn't quite make it to the end, but I did give it a red hot go for 25 days out of 30 and achieved 41, 750 words. This (aside from the fact I didn't achieve the ultimate goal of 50K) is a wonderful thing. It's certainly more … Continue reading And that’s a NaNoWriMo wrap

NaNoWriMo – the beginning

Two days into NaNoWriMo and I'm still here! And I'm on (actually, slightly ahead of) target! OK, so I know it's only been two days, but I'm nonetheless pleased. For the past two days I've had the luxury of a strategically planned break from the dayjob, so I was able to indulge my predilection for … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – the beginning

New year’s #WIP500 resolution

My resolution for this new year is very simple. I'm going to complete the draft of the novel I'm currently working on. Of course, execution of this goal is unlikely to be simple. The longer I persevere with this fiction writing habit, the harder it seems to get. Possibly this is because I demand more of myself as time goes … Continue reading New year’s #WIP500 resolution

Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

The most common writing advice one ever receives is the obvious one: WRITE. The actual act of putting the words down is more important than everything else -- including blogging and social media, reading educational posts and books, attending courses and conventions, meetings with the writers group. Carve out writing time and protect it. Bum … Continue reading Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

WriMoFoFo wrap-up

I learnt some things about my writing process over the past 30 days of the WriMoFoFo challenge. The first is that I can actually push myself to let the story come out and 'write badly' if I put my mind to it. I kept telling myself that it didn't matter if the dialogue was bad, … Continue reading WriMoFoFo wrap-up

Wine and chocolate

With just one more week to go of the WriMoFoFo writing challenge, I have had the following epiphany: I cannot get through this coming week without wine and chocolate. I have been trying to abstain from both of late, but have now chucked that resolve out the window. Today I have ground my way to my word quota (a … Continue reading Wine and chocolate

Quality versus quantity

At the moment I'm a bit obsessed with wordcount. That's what happens when you embark upon a writing challenge such as WriMoFoFo, which comes complete with a Nifty Spreadsheet (its creator should patent it!) to keep track of words produced, owing, and averaged. What's good about this: It makes me keep going and going and going … Continue reading Quality versus quantity