Journal: The quest for temperance and other things

I bet you're all wondering how I'm going with getting stuff done? I mean, it's been over a month since my last post (sorry), so obviously I've been far too busy kicking goals. Right? Er, no. Not really... Well, actually, yes, I have kicked at least one goal. I have, for instance, revised almost half … Continue reading Journal: The quest for temperance and other things

Five favourite things RED

This week's Friday blog theme is a most admirable colour... Next to purple, red is probably my favourite of all the colours, although it hasn't always been such. I distinctly remember being convinced red didn't suit me at all when I was a kid. Not sure where that conviction originated... Anyway, now half the garments … Continue reading Five favourite things RED

Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

I have the perfect photo for this week's photo challenge, for which the theme is Companionable.The challenge was laid down to us bloggers to avoid flinging more cat photos into the maelstrom of the Interwebs and so I have responded with... THIS!The above is me and a rather, er, large bottle of wine in the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

Decluttering: creativity essential or shameless procrastination?

I wanted to work on my WIP today. We've had a public holiday and it seemed the ideal opportunity to get back into my novel after a few weeks of neglect. But, as it turned out, there was something else I had to do first. When my life gets crazy and starts to spin out … Continue reading Decluttering: creativity essential or shameless procrastination?

Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

The most common writing advice one ever receives is the obvious one: WRITE. The actual act of putting the words down is more important than everything else -- including blogging and social media, reading educational posts and books, attending courses and conventions, meetings with the writers group. Carve out writing time and protect it. Bum … Continue reading Finding that writing mojo (or shaking the CBF virus)

Wine and chocolate

With just one more week to go of the WriMoFoFo writing challenge, I have had the following epiphany: I cannot get through this coming week without wine and chocolate. I have been trying to abstain from both of late, but have now chucked that resolve out the window. Today I have ground my way to my word quota (a … Continue reading Wine and chocolate

Wrapup of Continuum 7

I've spent the past 3.5 days at Continuum 7, Melbourne's own speculative fiction and pop culture convention, and I'm knackered. It's been an awesome frenzy of panels and meals and bottles of wine and talking and generally fuelling the literary flame. One of the guests of honour was the incomparable Catherynne M Valente, fantasy author and poet, … Continue reading Wrapup of Continuum 7

In the pub

I'm becoming rather a fan of writing in the pub. This might sound like a strange endeavour, and certainly our mini laptops all lined up receive odd looks from the other patrons. But, as we sit secure in a generous high-walled timber booth with wine, coffee and pub food flowing, somehow just the right creative ambiance is reached … Continue reading In the pub