No longer dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas is coming. *cue music* Hark the herald angels sing! To commemorate the season, we're harking back to a particularly memorable past Christmas or winter holiday. Since Christmas falls in the summer for us Australians, it's fortunate that I do, as it happens, have a memorable winter Christmas to share... Three years ago I spent … Continue reading No longer dreaming of a white Christmas

My thoughts on Catching Fire

I loved Catching Fire, the movie. A lot more than I did the book. Which is unusual. My major complaint with the book was that it seemed to repeat the same story and themes as the Hunger Games (the first book in the trilogy). It suffered from a lack in progression of the overall story … Continue reading My thoughts on Catching Fire

Book Review: Slow River

I can't remember who recommended it, or where I heard about it, but I recently read Nicola Griffith's Slow River, republished as part of Hachette's SF Masterworks series (it won the 1996 Nebula Award and Lambda Literary Award). Set in the not-too-distant future in a city that might be in England, Slow River is about … Continue reading Book Review: Slow River

I’ll take a harmony with my wine

I've been singing rather a lot recently, and have become somewhat addicted to making harmonies. It all started when I joined the SoulSong community choir at the beginning of the year. (Or maybe it started at the Christmas Eve carol service, when I remembered how much I love choral singing...) Anyway, after turning up weekly … Continue reading I’ll take a harmony with my wine

Are you an ailurophile?

Here's a cool word AILUROPHILE Sounds like... I don't know what it sounds like. What it means though is A CAT LOVER Yep. It's from the ancient Greek ailouros (cat) and philos (dear, beloved). And I'm guessing quite a few readers of this blog qualify as ailurophiles. Am I right? Here's my claim to fame -- Chenna, otherwise known … Continue reading Are you an ailurophile?

10 rules for writing first drafts (via copyblogger)

Really short and sweet post today... I just came across the following poster from copyblogger. It's quite pertinent for me at the moment as I try to finish-the-hell-out-of-this cursed, er, fantastically wonderful novel. Yeah. Stuff to remember... Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. You can also download as a PDF from … Continue reading 10 rules for writing first drafts (via copyblogger)

Spring wishes

The blossom is out and the last couple of days I've worn a tee-shirt. Yes, it's been a gorgeous sunny end to winter and next week Spring officially begins with forecast temperatures in the mid-twenties. The blooming of Spring and the crackle of Autumn are my favourite times of year. I'm always ready for the … Continue reading Spring wishes

On a writing (not reading) retreat

In many ways I suppose this could be a good weekend for reading. But that's not what I'm supposed to be doing... I'm at a writers retreat. I'm supposed to be writing. I'm here in a house with eight fellow word wranglers. There are laptops everywhere. The floor is strewn with cables.  Wine is being mulled... … Continue reading On a writing (not reading) retreat