Taste test: Cookies and cream ice cream

In celebration of my 300th post, today I'm going to talk about ice cream. Indeed, it seems a rather fitting subject, since it's hot and muggy here in Melbourne this evening, and I have already consumed a generous quantity of the yummy awesomeness. (I'm not overly sure how I managed to put some back in … Continue reading Taste test: Cookies and cream ice cream

My toy puggle

When I was a kid, one of my favourite toys was a puggle. Nope, not some weird canine cross-breed, but something quintessentially Australian. A puggle is actually what they call baby platypuses and echidnas. They're cute little things. Not that I knew that then. Then, all I cared about was the little beanbag creature who … Continue reading My toy puggle

Of Monsters and Men at the Palais

A while back I gave a plug for Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, whose album My head is an animal I had recently discovered. Since then, they've become seriously popular here in Australia (and possibly the world) and concluded their Australian tour with a concert last night at Melbourne's Palais Theatre -- which I … Continue reading Of Monsters and Men at the Palais

A campfire memory

My introduction to Tolkien came when my dad read The Hobbit to my sisters and I as we sat around a campfire. Could there be a more perfect scenario? Our family was camping in South Australia's Flinders Ranges. I was about 11, my sisters younger. Our evening's entertainment consisted of hunkering around the fire that … Continue reading A campfire memory

Recipe for chocolate pudding

Comfort food. That was the first thing I thought of when pondering this week's WANAfriday blogging theme: Post your favourite recipe -- and perhaps a story to go with it! Yeah, all right, I proposed the theme. Because I've had a really tough week. And if someone put a piping hot bowl of chocolate pudding … Continue reading Recipe for chocolate pudding

Five favourite things RED

This week's Friday blog theme is a most admirable colour... Next to purple, red is probably my favourite of all the colours, although it hasn't always been such. I distinctly remember being convinced red didn't suit me at all when I was a kid. Not sure where that conviction originated... Anyway, now half the garments … Continue reading Five favourite things RED

Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

I have the perfect photo for this week's photo challenge, for which the theme is Companionable.The challenge was laid down to us bloggers to avoid flinging more cat photos into the maelstrom of the Interwebs and so I have responded with... THIS!The above is me and a rather, er, large bottle of wine in the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

If I could have one magical item…? That’s EASY!

Today's 'WANAfriday' prompt for consideration is this: If you could have one magical item, what would it be and why? I frequently daydream about someone asking me this question. Someone, that is, with the power to grant me my heart's desire. Because I totally know the answer. In fact, I confess I set the prompt … Continue reading If I could have one magical item…? That’s EASY!

What’s your favourite place?

How does one decide on one's favourite place in all the world? I thought this week's Friday prompt would be an easy assignment. I had only to sift through my memories and select the location that made my heart sing the loudest, the one I most yearn to return to. Only it turns out it's … Continue reading What’s your favourite place?

My re-reading book: The Lions of Al-Rassan

Today's Friday blogging theme is: Share a book you can read again and again without getting bored. Well, I have to admit I'm a big re-reader of novels. Often I wish I wasn't, because just think of all the marvellous books out there I never seem to have time to read. But the simple fact … Continue reading My re-reading book: The Lions of Al-Rassan