Lure of the blog maze

These days a great many writing resources -- particularly in the form of blogs -- can be found on the Interwebs. There are blogging agents, blogging editors, blogging authors, not to mention blogging aspirants, by the bucketload. These blogs all take different forms: some are instructional, filled with great advice; others contain well thought-out essays on aspects of genre; many are … Continue reading Lure of the blog maze

Backup plan

The calamity of a fellow writer's hard drive crash saw us discussing backups during the SuperNOVA critiquing session yesterday. It's always a huge wake-up call for me when this happens, because no matter how diligent and disciplined I am with backing up, there's always a corner I've cut somewhere that could catch me out. The most … Continue reading Backup plan

In the pub

I'm becoming rather a fan of writing in the pub. This might sound like a strange endeavour, and certainly our mini laptops all lined up receive odd looks from the other patrons. But, as we sit secure in a generous high-walled timber booth with wine, coffee and pub food flowing, somehow just the right creative ambiance is reached … Continue reading In the pub

All hail the Interwebs

How did writers ever survive without the Interwebs? Its merits must surely rank a thousand-fold -- but there is one in particular that has inspired today's post. Research. Back in the pre-Internet days, writers must have spent a cursed lot of time in libraries, or writing letters to people to inquire about areas of specialist … Continue reading All hail the Interwebs

View across the treetops

This weekend I have absconded down to Phillip Island for a four-day writing and relaxation retreat. I always find I get a lot done down here, where the sea laps at our doorstep (almost) and all the household cares recede into the background. There is food, there is wine, there is usually chocolate -- all the … Continue reading View across the treetops