Mongolia Journal ~ 3 Getting into the swing of things (with eagles!)

This is the third edited extract from my Mongolia Journal, covering days 3 and 4 of my two-week horse trek. With photos! 27 June 2015 Lunch stop - Day 3 We’re at lunch in a long flat valley with a train line and a town in the distance. The night was wild and cold, and … Continue reading Mongolia Journal ~ 3 Getting into the swing of things (with eagles!)

Mongolia Journal ~ 2 Into the steppes

I've finally got my act together and have started blogging edited extracts (and PHOTOS) from my Mongolia travel journal. If you missed the first post, it's here -- First Impressions. This post covers the commencement of our two-week horse-riding expedition. Owing to the nature of journals, events are not necessarily presented in sequential order, so … Continue reading Mongolia Journal ~ 2 Into the steppes

Mongolia journal ~ 1 First impressions

It's over a year since my Mongolian adventure, and I haven't got near all the blog posts I was going to write. Thank goodness I kept a daily journal, or I'd have forgotten so much already. I always intended to write themed posts about my experiences, rather than simply transcribing my journal. But... I've left … Continue reading Mongolia journal ~ 1 First impressions