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Nothing beats a Melbourne coffee (or an Australian red)

I make no secret of the fact that I drink a lot of coffee. And, since I live in Melbourne, why wouldn’t I? Not only are we the world’s most livable city (for the fourth year in a row), we have the BEST coffee.

My signature beverage is a large (double shot) skim flat white — with latte art! Check out the lion.

Latte lionI spend a lot of time in my local cafes. I work from home, so it’s a great way to get out of the house each day, grab some light exercise, sunshine and fresh air as I walk down the street, transition from ‘work’ (home office) to ‘writing’ (cafe). Both forms of work are important to me for different reasons, so I’ve developed a daily routine that allows me to achieve both, while indulging my addiction to good Melbourne coffee.

And when I’m not in a cafe, there’s my trusty home nespresso machine.

Although I try to limit my coffee intake, I’m on an average of four double-shot flat whites a day at the moment… I was going for three a day, but my extended cafe sojourns are seeing me order a second coffee more often than not. It doesn’t seem to be affecting me too much…

wineMy other potion of choice would have to be red wine. In fact, I spent some time this evening sorting out the latest delivery, which involves cutting out ‘tasting notes’ and sticking them to the bottles, along with the date of when to drink each bottle. I have around 10 cases stacked in my wardrobe (right), and these get cycled round to ensure the wine gets a bit of ‘cellaring’ before it’s drunk. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, and it works wonderfully well.

I never run out of wine!

My wine club Wine Selectors is fabulous. All its wines are selected by an expert tasting panel, so every wine is excellent. You can order on demand online, or you can do what I do, which is have regular deliveries. I receive four cases a year of the “regional series”, which is always mixed reds from one of Australia’s many winemaking regions. And I receive four half-cases a year of the “winemaker series”, which also comprises mixed reds, but of higher quality.

And I sometimes order periodic specials on demand, when I start to run low of ‘drink now’ bottles.

Coffee. Wine. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. What is your signature beverage?

(This post was brought to you by today’s WordPress Daily prompt, “pick your potion”.)

Five favourite things RED

This week’s Friday blog theme is a most admirable colour…


Next to purple, red is probably my favourite of all the colours, although it hasn’t always been such. I distinctly remember being convinced red didn’t suit me at all when I was a kid. Not sure where that conviction originated…

Anyway, now half the garments in my wardrobe are red, as are half the appliances in my house. So today I bring you five of my favourite things RED.

In no particular order, they are:

Birkenstocks — For years one of my favourite pairs of shoes have been my red Birkenstock runners. (In fact, I have them in black and green too.) I bought a spare red pair last time I was in Germany, and I still haven’t broken them out. My existing pair have seen a lot of kilometres walked.

Nespresso machine — I love this pod coffee machine. It’s no mess, no fuss, and although I acknowledge it’s not the best environmentally, plus it’s quite expensive to run, I couldn’t live without it and its accompanying milk frothing jug.

Elliptical cross-trainer — Nice and compact, this slots into the space between the sofa and bookshelf and allows me to get some exercise in front of the TV. An important little machine for this sedentary writer!

Painted glass (with wine) — A friend painted four of these for me, and I use them on rotation as my go-to glass for wine (red of course) on an almost-daily basis.

Chair — Isn’t this chair cute? It was a completely spontaneous purchase a few years ago, but it’s very comfortable and looks great in the living room.

There were a few other ways I could have interpreted the theme — I saw a great play last year called Red, and the 1990s song ‘Red’ by Belly keeps popping into my head…

What’s your take on RED? Let me know in the comments! Otherwise, to participate write a post and tweet to #WANAfriday. I’ll update links to other brilliant posts about red as they come up over the next day or so.

Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

I have the perfect photo for this week’s photo challenge, for which the theme is Companionable.

The challenge was laid down to us bloggers to avoid flinging more cat photos into the maelstrom of the Interwebs and so I have responded with… THIS!

Getting companionable at the Wine Museum, Bordeaux

Getting companionable with a bottle of Red at the Wine Museum, Bordeaux

The above is me and a rather, er, large bottle of wine in the Bordeaux Wine Museum, France. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have rather a close and definitely companionable relationship with a decent glass of red wine…

And although proximity and familiarity do tend to see me gravitating towards the hearty Australian styles of Red, I vastly enjoyed trying all the French and Spanish wines on my trip to the area a few years ago.