Nothing beats a Melbourne coffee (or an Australian red)

I make no secret of the fact that I drink a lot of coffee. And, since I live in Melbourne, why wouldn't I? Not only are we the world's most livable city (for the fourth year in a row), we have the BEST coffee. My signature beverage is a large (double shot) skim flat white … Continue reading Nothing beats a Melbourne coffee (or an Australian red)

Five favourite things RED

This week's Friday blog theme is a most admirable colour... Next to purple, red is probably my favourite of all the colours, although it hasn't always been such. I distinctly remember being convinced red didn't suit me at all when I was a kid. Not sure where that conviction originated... Anyway, now half the garments … Continue reading Five favourite things RED

Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable

I have the perfect photo for this week's photo challenge, for which the theme is Companionable.The challenge was laid down to us bloggers to avoid flinging more cat photos into the maelstrom of the Interwebs and so I have responded with... THIS!The above is me and a rather, er, large bottle of wine in the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge ~ Companionable