Willpower rocks

Yesterday I took a stroll and found myself in a New Age shop on Glenhuntly Rd in Elsternwick, called Qi. They have many rocks and crystals for sale, embedded in jewellery, or individually, or collected inside little gauze bags in combinations that are supposed to DO something.

So I got myself a Willpower Kit to help me keep writing, now that I am back in the workforce and woefully time-poor (and exhausted). It contains:

  • Hematite – inspires courage and strength, brings willpower
  • Amethyst – motivates one to reach goals, instills focus
  • Onyx – promotes personal strength, vigour and stamina
  • Tiger Eye – provides self discipline, assists in reaching one’s goals
  • Citrine – enhances mental clarity and willpower

I think it’s working to an extent. I managed to work on my WIP last night for the first time since going to World Fantasy and starting this new job two weeks ago. And today I have worked on it both before and after work for a couple of hours in total. Now I just have to keep going every day. Somehow I have to push through the exhaustion, carve out the time.

The willpower kit is a talisman really. Something to encourage me to abandon what’s easy, to open the WIP and put that bum on seat. Maybe the crystal energies really do make a difference? Whatever. So long as it works.


4 thoughts on “Willpower rocks

  1. You walked right past my work and didn’t come say hello? Oh, wait yesterday was Sunday. I hope the kit is the little symbolic reminder you want it to be. Crystals are very good for focus. Happy writing.


  2. Reminds me of a story that Niels Bohr apparently used to tell about Isaac Newton:

    To the surprise of many of his visitors, Newton had a horseshoe nailed to his door for luck.

    “But surely you don’t believe in this nonsense?” they would ask. Newton’s reply was, “No I don’t, but I’ve been told it works whether you believe in it or not.”


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