Inside the mind of a hoarder

Today I've been sorting through my filing cabinet and discovering all sorts of fabulous and strange artifacts I previously stashed away. Some are worth keeping, others not so much... To help satisfy the requirements of the Very Inspiring Blogger meme -- bestowed upon me by the wittily wonderful Liv Rancourt a week or so ago … Continue reading Inside the mind of a hoarder

D is for Dragon

Is there any creature more synonymous with fantasy than the DRAGON? I don't think so. I cannot count the number of novels and movies featuring dragons. They appear in many different guises -- they may be ferocious and evil, gentle and benevolent, or else plain disinterested in man. They may or may not speak or possess … Continue reading D is for Dragon

C is for castle

Some might think them a cliche, but for me castles are one of the quintessential hallmarks of classical fantasy. I love them -- soaring towers and turrets, imposing battlements, mazes of halls and corridors and bedchambers, walls so thick the characters can hold parties upon them . . . and so often overlooking a majestic landscape or … Continue reading C is for castle

Seven fantasy favourites

It's funny, but when I sit down to list my all-time favourite fantasy novels or series, most of them are not what you'd call recent. In fact some of them are just plain old. Maybe this is because I believe favourites must stand the test of time and re-reading. Or maybe it's because I just … Continue reading Seven fantasy favourites

If I could live in a fictional world…

First off, let me admit I'm going to break the rules. I've decided these '11-question' games or memes or whatever you call them offer too much fodder for discussion to be used up in a single blog post. So instead I'm going to use each question as a launching point for a single post. And … Continue reading If I could live in a fictional world…

Five favourites: quotes or sayings

What constitutes a quote? Something short, snappy and meaningful? Or can it be long and eloquent -- such as the soliloquy from Hamlet I recited at every ancient ampitheatre I came across when travelling in Greece, France and Italy? Or maybe a quote from a favourite book -- or a quote that inspired a favourite … Continue reading Five favourites: quotes or sayings