What was the 1st book you ever read?

I asked my mother this (of me) the other day, wanting to correlate my memory of my first reading experience with hers -- and was surprised by the answer. I've long thought the first chapter book I ever read was Charlotte's Web, when I was about eight. This is what I've been telling people for years. Only it … Continue reading What was the 1st book you ever read?

Olivia Joules: when audio rules

There are some books that are so good as audiobooks that I can't really imagine 'reading' them any other way. One of these for me is Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding (of Bridget Jones fame), read by Suzy Aitchison. I had a situation this week, when the audio I was listening … Continue reading Olivia Joules: when audio rules

How reviews influence my choice of books

Once upon a time it seemed as though I had hours and hours a day in which to read. I devoured books at an impressive rate. Although I'm not a particularly fast reader, I made up for it in sheer number of hours devoted to the cause. But that was before I started writing in the evenings, … Continue reading How reviews influence my choice of books

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction or non-fiction? -- that is the question. And the answer is easy. Fiction. I read non-fiction under sufference. I'm a member of a reading group that chooses a fair amount of non-fiction... sometimes I give the books a go, sometimes I don't even try. Having said that, occasionally I'm surprised by a book I don't … Continue reading Fiction or non-fiction?

If I could live in a fictional world…

First off, let me admit I'm going to break the rules. I've decided these '11-question' games or memes or whatever you call them offer too much fodder for discussion to be used up in a single blog post. So instead I'm going to use each question as a launching point for a single post. And … Continue reading If I could live in a fictional world…