D&D Chronicles: In the hanging gardens

ZILLAH Alas, the Derros still have the skystone. The lump of star metal needed to forge the flail. Our party is forlorn but, thanks to Alix, intact. Fleet’s purr rumbles with life against my chest, Squirrel’s mutterings echo against the rocky ceiling. I wish he would be quiet. Alix resurrected both him and my cat. … Continue reading D&D Chronicles: In the hanging gardens

Musings on secret preview TV viewing versus feedback reading

I've done my fair share of reading and providing feedback on short stories and novels over the years. It's much easier to be objective and analytical about someone else's work -- all in the name of being constructive and helpful, of course. In such cases you know the author will take onboard some suggestions, discard … Continue reading Musings on secret preview TV viewing versus feedback reading

Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

I am lying on the couch doing nothing. At least, I was before the urge to tell everyone about my state of nothingness rose to the fore and I grabbed my computer out of the bag that’s never too far from my side. Nothing. Mulling. Daydreaming. Writing in my head. This is one of the … Continue reading Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

Tribute to Mary Stewart

Today I learned that Mary Stewart has died. Given she was 97, it shouldn't really be a shock, but emotion surged within me and I found I could not think about anything else. The hours and hours of reading pleasure... The influence of her novels on my travels... The letters we once exchanged... The numerous … Continue reading Tribute to Mary Stewart

In the minds of readers…

This year I thought I'd dig around in my archives a bit; resurrect and breathe some life into some of my older posts from a time when no-one read this blog. There's some good stuff buried back there. Well, I think it's good. Seems a shame for no-one to have read any of it. This … Continue reading In the minds of readers…

All set for the new year with a bunch of plans

I really do love the beginning of a new year. Everything meanders to a halt over Christmas and the first week of January, giving me time to relax in the sunshine before drawing in a deep, deep breath. As usual, I have a bunch of plans for this year, some involving creative endeavours, others not. … Continue reading All set for the new year with a bunch of plans

Melbourne to Hobart 2013 … off topic

This post by my very good friend Emma Watt is about the trials, tribulations and HORRORS of ocean racing. I’m reblogging because I think it’s fabulous research for authors! Read on to feel the buffetting wind, the surging water, the bone-deep cold, the churning stomach, the stench of spew…


crew arrival shot by mum Although this blog is really a place for me to keep low FODMAP recipes as I find them / develop them / test them, I thought it would be a sensible place to keep and share my memories of the 2013 Melbourne to Hobart yacht race.  So this post has nothing to do with cooking, and everything to do with chucking – you have been warned!

This post has mixed tenses and pronouns, and frankly right now I don’t care 🙂  I’m just getting it out there, thanks for reading, sorry about the poor quality of the writing.

How did I get here?

I have done a fair bit of ocean racing … in the past.  It’s been about two years since I sailed with any sort of regularity, and I worked out that I hadn’t done a Hobart race since 2009.  In my time, I’ve done two Sydney to…

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