A-Z of fantasy: K is for King

Dipping into my occasional A-Z of fantasy series... We are up to K. It's another letter that, owing to its aesthetic properties, is rather popular for naming things in fantasy. (Yes, letters can certainly have aesthetic properties!) But not all that much else it seems. And so we have KING. King - the male ruler … Continue reading A-Z of fantasy: K is for King

My re-reading book: The Lions of Al-Rassan

Today's Friday blogging theme is: Share a book you can read again and again without getting bored. Well, I have to admit I'm a big re-reader of novels. Often I wish I wasn't, because just think of all the marvellous books out there I never seem to have time to read. But the simple fact … Continue reading My re-reading book: The Lions of Al-Rassan

Seven fantasy favourites

It's funny, but when I sit down to list my all-time favourite fantasy novels or series, most of them are not what you'd call recent. In fact some of them are just plain old. Maybe this is because I believe favourites must stand the test of time and re-reading. Or maybe it's because I just … Continue reading Seven fantasy favourites