Book launch: Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro

Today I'm joined by indie author Erin Zarro to celebrate the launch of her second urban fantasy/science fiction novel, Grave Touched, which is the sequel to Fey Touched; both are published by Turtleduck Press. Grave Touched is officially launched Friday 1 May 2015. BLURB Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro Fey Touched – humans, genetically engineered … Continue reading Book launch: Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro

In the Dream’verse with KD Sarge

One of the more memorable books I read last year was Knight Errant by KD Sarge, published by Turtleduck Press. It's part of Sarge's science fictional Dream'verse series, and the first of three books featuring her engaging heroes, Taro and Rafe. (My brief thoughts on all three here.) The second of the Taro/Rafe books is … Continue reading In the Dream’verse with KD Sarge

July reading: Drought and Debris

Books. July. This is what I read. Debris - Jo Anderton I picked up a copy of Debris, Jo Anderton's acclaimed first novel (Angry Robot books) in the Veiled Worlds trilogy, in June at the launch of the third. And she very kindly signed it for me too. So, determined to get back on track … Continue reading July reading: Drought and Debris

A few convention highlights – Continuum X

I spent the past long weekend at Continuum X -- this year's Australian national speculative fiction convention, where fans and writers and authors gather together to chat about science fiction, fantasy, horror and other related topics. It was held at Melbourne's Intercontinental Hotel at Rialto, a fairly classy venue as these things go. About the … Continue reading A few convention highlights – Continuum X

My thoughts on Catching Fire

I loved Catching Fire, the movie. A lot more than I did the book. Which is unusual. My major complaint with the book was that it seemed to repeat the same story and themes as the Hunger Games (the first book in the trilogy). It suffered from a lack in progression of the overall story … Continue reading My thoughts on Catching Fire

Trucksong launch party

It's always exciting to attend book launches, especially when the author is a member of one's writing group and an all-round nice guy. So it was with a spring in my step that I trekked north to the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy yesterday evening to attend the launch of Andrew Macrae's debut novel, Trucksong, … Continue reading Trucksong launch party

Book Review: Slow River

I can't remember who recommended it, or where I heard about it, but I recently read Nicola Griffith's Slow River, republished as part of Hachette's SF Masterworks series (it won the 1996 Nebula Award and Lambda Literary Award). Set in the not-too-distant future in a city that might be in England, Slow River is about … Continue reading Book Review: Slow River

Thoughts on Among Others by Jo Walton

I recently read Jo Walton's Among Others, winner of the 2012 Nebula, Hugo and British Fantasy Awards for best novel. Since it's one of the few recent SF novels I've read of late, I thought I would share some of my thoughts. [Mild spoilers...] Among Others has been described as many things: a fairy story, … Continue reading Thoughts on Among Others by Jo Walton

If I could live in a fictional world…

First off, let me admit I'm going to break the rules. I've decided these '11-question' games or memes or whatever you call them offer too much fodder for discussion to be used up in a single blog post. So instead I'm going to use each question as a launching point for a single post. And … Continue reading If I could live in a fictional world…