Lather: The Twinkle Jackson Story ~ Chapter Four

It's becoming something of a tradition among one of my writing and blogging circles to hold a blogfest that takes the form of a Round Robin Tale. Basically each blogger contributes a progressive chapter to the story -- it ends up a completely crazy mashup of styles and genres, but is loads of fun to … Continue reading Lather: The Twinkle Jackson Story ~ Chapter Four

Inside the mind of a hoarder

Today I've been sorting through my filing cabinet and discovering all sorts of fabulous and strange artifacts I previously stashed away. Some are worth keeping, others not so much... To help satisfy the requirements of the Very Inspiring Blogger meme -- bestowed upon me by the wittily wonderful Liv Rancourt a week or so ago … Continue reading Inside the mind of a hoarder

Spreading blog love

A quick post to acknowledge two things that happened in my blog world this week: WikiRandom Writers Challenge A creation of the irrepressible Laird Sapir, the WikiRandom Writers Challenge is a flashfiction competition involving the creation of a three-sentence story using a phrase generated by hitting the Wikipedia random button. Sara Walpert Foster won the … Continue reading Spreading blog love