E is for Enemy

One of the key tropes of epic, heroic and most other kinds of fantasy is the presence of the 'big bad' (in Buffy speak) -- otherwise known as the ENEMY. Enemy: A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something; A hostile nation or its armed forces or citizens, esp. in time … Continue reading E is for Enemy

D is for Dragon

Is there any creature more synonymous with fantasy than the DRAGON? I don't think so. I cannot count the number of novels and movies featuring dragons. They appear in many different guises --¬†they may be ferocious and evil, gentle and benevolent, or else plain disinterested in man. They may or may not speak or possess … Continue reading D is for Dragon

What I read in 2012

I 'read' something like 30 books in 2012 (as far as I can remember). This isn't a huge total, but it's quite a few more than I suspected. 'Not reading' was one of my huge frustrations last year -- I couldn't seem to fit it in! Thank all the gods for audiobooks. Around two-thirds of … Continue reading What I read in 2012

An evening of writerly conversation

Last night I hopped along to Melbourne's The Wheeler Centre ('Books, Writing, Ideas') for the last in its series of free panels featuring writers in conversation. (The series had a name, but I've forgotten.) This particular session involved 'the two Alisons' -- Alison Goodman and Alison Croggon -- both of whom are Australian fantasy authors … Continue reading An evening of writerly conversation