Cherry Crow Children ~ A fantasy collection from Deborah Kalin

Today I'm joined by my friend and fantasy author Deborah Kalin to celebrate the impending Easter launch of her collection, Cherry Crow Children from Twelfth Planet Press. I'm reliably informed they are four dark and disturbing stories, but they are also full of heart and emotion and beautiful imagery. I've spent hours writing in cafes... Continue Reading →

More on building fantastical worlds

I recently attended the Australian National Science Fiction Convention -- Conflux 9 -- a fabulous four days of hanging out with other writers, industry professionals and speculative fiction fans. The convention offered many valuable panel discussions and workshops (among other things); I attended a worldbuilding session with Glenda Larke, an Australian epic fantasy author whose... Continue Reading →

What’s tall, bright and measures temperature?

As a one-time engineer, I am particularly interested in how things work -- especially pre-industrial objects that I can weave into the cultures I create for the fantastical worlds I write about. I have, for instance, two Galilean thermometers standing on my bookshelf. These are elegant cylinders filled with a clear liquid in which float... Continue Reading →

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