Reading highlights from 2016 – part 3

So the final reading tally for the year is 242 novels and novellas, of which 204 were new (clearly I got some reading done in the last week or so, some of them 'holiday stories'). I was going to write a single post about my favourites from the year, but I had too much to … Continue reading Reading highlights from 2016 – part 3

Reading highlights from 2016 – part 2

Climbing out of my post-Christmas stupor (and read-a-thon), it's time for the second installment of my annual reading highlights. You can read January-April highlights in the previous post. This post will cover May-August. Once again, all the highlights are from the m/m romance genre. May This month is noteworthy for the discovery of Roan Parrish, … Continue reading Reading highlights from 2016 – part 2

Reading highlights from 2016 – part 1

Gosh. How many books have I read this year? (So far 235 books and novellas, of which 198 were new and 37 were re-reads... and still counting.) My inner bookworm continues to devour and my finger continues to madly one-click. In fact, there's been more one-clicking, because someone introduced me to bookbub. Bookbub is a … Continue reading Reading highlights from 2016 – part 1

Seven Summer Nights – Book Review

Seven Summer Nights is another wonderful novel from Harper Fox — a complex weave of archeological and mythological mystery, the after-effects of war and post-traumatic stress, and a passionate love story. This book filled me with wonder and fear and horror and joy as we follow the story of Rufus Denby, a celebrated archaeologist and … Continue reading Seven Summer Nights – Book Review

Priddy’s Tale: book review

Priddy's Tale is another gorgeous love story from Harper Fox. It's a fantastical tale about a lost young guy who lives in a Cornish lighthouse and falls in love with a merman. I love this story so much. It's told in a fairy tale style -- which isn't usually my thing, because I prefer a … Continue reading Priddy’s Tale: book review

Three romances featuring characters with autism

It turns out that April is World Autism Awareness Month (and World Autism Awareness Day was on 2 April) and it so happens that I've recently read some wonderful novels featuring main characters with autism. I know there are many important autobiographies and memoirs written by people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but I have … Continue reading Three romances featuring characters with autism

My thoughts on Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat

To start with, I want to say the Captive Prince trilogy is now probably one of my top five fantasy series ever -- just for sheer emotional power. After finishing Kings Rising (the third book, just released) last night, I feel wrung-out and satiated all at once. I'm in a post-novel fug (it's over, I … Continue reading My thoughts on Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat

Reading highlights from 2015

Well. Another year of obsessive reading. In fact MORE obsessive reading than the previous year. Did I say I was going to ease back? In the past year, I read 128 new novels/novellas, again mainly in the m/m romance genre. This is more than twice as many books as 2014. It was a year when … Continue reading Reading highlights from 2015