Movie review: Riddick

Last week I saw Riddick, the latest Vin Diesel blockbuster movie, and reviewed it for Festivale Online Magazine.

To summarise, I liked the opening (first 20 mins or so) a lot. The rest, not so much. Click through to read the full review!


Above is an image from the part of the movie I liked. It shows Riddick (who is stranded on an alien sun-scorched planet) and his ‘dog’ companion, which he’s reared from a pup. His relationship with the ‘dog’ is really sweet.

Anyone else seen Riddick? Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Movie review: Riddick

  1. I like Vin Diesel. I haven’t seen the latest Riddick film, but I plan to. I don’t expect much from those types of films, so I’m usually not disappointed. I’ll let you know what I think.


  2. I don’t really care for the Riddick movies (although I haven’t seen this one). I thought your review was good, though, and cool that you wrote for a magazine! Do you do that often?


    1. I rather liked Pitch Black when I first saw it, but wouldn’t have gone to see this had I not been asked to review it. It’s only the third review I’ve done for Festivale — I did Conan two years ago and The Conjuring in July this year. It’s fun. I get a free movie (and in this case free popcorn and drink) out of it. 🙂


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