Seven Summer Nights – Book Review

Seven Summer Nights is another wonderful novel from Harper Fox — a complex weave of archeological and mythological mystery, the after-effects of war and post-traumatic stress, and a passionate love story. This book filled me with wonder and fear and horror and joy as we follow the story of Rufus Denby, a celebrated archaeologist and … Continue reading Seven Summer Nights – Book Review

Priddy’s Tale: book review

Priddy's Tale is another gorgeous love story from Harper Fox. It's a fantastical tale about a lost young guy who lives in a Cornish lighthouse and falls in love with a merman. I love this story so much. It's told in a fairy tale style -- which isn't usually my thing, because I prefer a … Continue reading Priddy’s Tale: book review

July reading: Drought and Debris

Books. July. This is what I read. Debris - Jo Anderton I picked up a copy of Debris, Jo Anderton's acclaimed first novel (Angry Robot books) in the Veiled Worlds trilogy, in June at the launch of the third. And she very kindly signed it for me too. So, determined to get back on track … Continue reading July reading: Drought and Debris

June reading: more love and mysteries

Still in mourning for Mary Stewart (read my tribute here), I re-read a couple more of her books in June. Set in Provence, France, Madam, will you talk? is the story of Charity, a young English widow, who's on holiday in Avignon when she befriends a young boy, David, whose father, Richard, has recently been … Continue reading June reading: more love and mysteries

May reading: My Brother Michael and more

In honour of English author Mary Stewart, who died earlier this month (see my tribute), I've been re-reading for the umpteenth time, My Brother Michael - one of my favourites. Sipping coffee in Athens and wishing something would happen, Camilla accidentally agrees to drive a hire car to Delphi for someone called Simon. It turns … Continue reading May reading: My Brother Michael and more

April reading: The Salisbury Key and more Harper Fox

After discovering author Harper Fox in March, I spent April working my way through a chunk of her backlist. Seriously, I haven't been able to get enough of her books. It's been a revelation, because the male/male romance genre is not one I usually read in, or indeed expected to like. Were it not for … Continue reading April reading: The Salisbury Key and more Harper Fox

March reading: psychics, farmers and superhumans

My March reading experience has been rather interesting. I kicked it off with a read-through of the messy first draft of mine own work in progress. I ploughed through a good chunk of it during a retreat weekend at the start of the month, then finished it off over the ensuing week. I've already discussed … Continue reading March reading: psychics, farmers and superhumans