What I read in 2013

It's becoming a habit of mine at the end of each year to reflect back on the books I've read in the past 12 months -- and invariably I decide the list is not long enough, or diverse enough, or recent enough and I resolve to do better. (Here's what I read in 2012.) This … Continue reading What I read in 2013

No more ‘out of print’

You want to know what I think is one of the best things about the new WONDERFUL era of publishing and e-books? There no longer need be any such thing as 'out of print'. That's right. Books are now the most accessible they've ever been, and they can now live for ever online, just waiting … Continue reading No more ‘out of print’

How reviews influence my choice of books

Once upon a time it seemed as though I had hours and hours a day in which to read. I devoured books at an impressive rate. Although I'm not a particularly fast reader, I made up for it in sheer number of hours devoted to the cause. But that was before I started writing in the evenings, … Continue reading How reviews influence my choice of books

April Plummer discusses Coming Home

For today's FRIDAY WITH FRIENDS I welcome April Plummer, who has recently published her debut novel, Coming Home. I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but it sounds incredibly moving. I asked April to stick around to tell us about her novel and share some of her experiences during its creation. Coming Home For … Continue reading April Plummer discusses Coming Home

Fridays with Friends: S.M. Nonnemacher

Today I'm launching the Friday with Friends series, which is (as the name suggests) a series of guest posts from fellow bloggers. Today we have the fabulous S.M. Nonnemacher, who's working on her first Young Adult (YA) novel (see full bio below). I asked her to share with us some of her top reading tips: … Continue reading Fridays with Friends: S.M. Nonnemacher

Thoughts on self-publishing

Everyone is talking about self-publishing at the moment. Authors and agents are blogging about it regularly, and I've stumbled upon several blogs and websites that provide resources and advice about how to format correctly, produce for different devices, design covers, distribute etc. What was considered once-upon-a-time (not so long ago) to be a daft and unprofessional move … Continue reading Thoughts on self-publishing