The naming of cars

Another of my new year initiatives is to undertake Kristen Lamb's course for writers who blog. Its aim is to help our blogs be of interest to readers beyond other writers -- basically to encourage us to blog about topics other than writing. We're in the third week of the online course now, and it's … Continue reading The naming of cars

More on writers and platform pressure

Oh my, the debate about writers and platform expectations is still raging. Over the past couple of days I've spent hours knee-deep in blog posts and reader comments, my little introvert heart pounding with apprehension. (Hours not writing, I might add...) Rachelle Gardner's post on Wednesday talked about the need to quantify the size of … Continue reading More on writers and platform pressure

What I get out of blogging

Today I'm going to muse on a topic that has been floating around the writing industry blogosphere the past week or so -- which is what writers get out of blogging and how big a 'platform' novelists need in order to sell books (or to even be considered for publication by the larger publishers). Anne R Allen … Continue reading What I get out of blogging

Good advice

Last week I stumbled upon Anne R. Allen's Blog and she has some incredibly sensible things to say about writers and blogging. Her series of posts on blogging (highlighted in her side bar) covers tips on content, search-engine optimisation, pitfalls to avoid . . . and how to attract readers. Highly recommended reading. On the … Continue reading Good advice

Thoughts on self-publishing

Everyone is talking about self-publishing at the moment. Authors and agents are blogging about it regularly, and I've stumbled upon several blogs and websites that provide resources and advice about how to format correctly, produce for different devices, design covers, distribute etc. What was considered once-upon-a-time (not so long ago) to be a daft and unprofessional move … Continue reading Thoughts on self-publishing