What I read in 2013

It's becoming a habit of mine at the end of each year to reflect back on the books I've read in the past 12 months -- and invariably I decide the list is not long enough, or diverse enough, or recent enough and I resolve to do better. (Here's what I read in 2012.) This … Continue reading What I read in 2013

Book Review: Shadow Queen by Deborah Kalin

As part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013, I recently finished reading Shadow Queen (The Binding #1 -- first published Allen&Unwin 2009), a fantasy novel by my good friend and cafe writing buddy, Deborah Kalin. It's the story of Matilde, a young woman groomed to rule over a seething conglomeration of houses all vying against each other, … Continue reading Book Review: Shadow Queen by Deborah Kalin