World Fantasy Convention 2013 – a wrapup

So, last weekend was the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, UK. My second,  following the San Diego WFC in 2011. Once again, I had an excellent time, my activities largely divided between the official program and socialising, er, networking, in the bar. New friends were made and insights obtained... All very satisfying and definitely inspirational. … Continue reading World Fantasy Convention 2013 – a wrapup

Hanging out and talking about publishing

One more, short (okay it's not so short) post coming out of Conflux... which would hardly have been a writers convention without discussions surrounding the latest publishing trends. The centrepiece of this was the so-called "Smackdown -- Small press versus mainstream publishers". In this panel, Russell B Farr of indie Ticonderoga Publishing, literary agent and publishing … Continue reading Hanging out and talking about publishing

On novel pitching: an insight and an epiphany

The recent Conflux Science Fiction convention in Canberra was the first conference I've attended where formal pitching sessions were available to authors. It's probably not surprising therefore that the art of pitching was the subject of much general conversation. I attended a panel about pitching on the second day of the con, featuring panellists Tara Wynn, … Continue reading On novel pitching: an insight and an epiphany

No more ‘out of print’

You want to know what I think is one of the best things about the new WONDERFUL era of publishing and e-books? There no longer need be any such thing as 'out of print'. That's right. Books are now the most accessible they've ever been, and they can now live for ever online, just waiting … Continue reading No more ‘out of print’

April Plummer discusses Coming Home

For today's FRIDAY WITH FRIENDS I welcome April Plummer, who has recently published her debut novel, Coming Home. I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but it sounds incredibly moving. I asked April to stick around to tell us about her novel and share some of her experiences during its creation. Coming Home For … Continue reading April Plummer discusses Coming Home

Thoughts on self-publishing

Everyone is talking about self-publishing at the moment. Authors and agents are blogging about it regularly, and I've stumbled upon several blogs and websites that provide resources and advice about how to format correctly, produce for different devices, design covers, distribute etc. What was considered once-upon-a-time (not so long ago) to be a daft and unprofessional move … Continue reading Thoughts on self-publishing