Over at Liv Rancourt’s blog

There's lots of blog love going around in my world at the moment. Just as I hosted S.M. Nonnemacher here on Friday, so have I appeared as a guest over on Liv Rancourt's blog. Liv, who is a Seattle-based author of speculative fiction, asked me to share some insights on what it's like to live … Continue reading Over at Liv Rancourt’s blog

Fridays with Friends: S.M. Nonnemacher

Today I'm launching the Friday with Friends series, which is (as the name suggests) a series of guest posts from fellow bloggers. Today we have the fabulous S.M. Nonnemacher, who's working on her first Young Adult (YA) novel (see full bio below). I asked her to share with us some of her top reading tips: … Continue reading Fridays with Friends: S.M. Nonnemacher