What I read in 2013

It's becoming a habit of mine at the end of each year to reflect back on the books I've read in the past 12 months -- and invariably I decide the list is not long enough, or diverse enough, or recent enough and I resolve to do better. (Here's what I read in 2012.) This … Continue reading What I read in 2013

What I read in 2012

I 'read' something like 30 books in 2012 (as far as I can remember). This isn't a huge total, but it's quite a few more than I suspected. 'Not reading' was one of my huge frustrations last year -- I couldn't seem to fit it in! Thank all the gods for audiobooks. Around two-thirds of … Continue reading What I read in 2012

When you read, do you hear voices in your head?

One of the reasons I enjoy audiobooks so much, aside from their role in alleviating my commuting boredom, is due to the interpretation given to the text by a good reader/narrator. Often actors and performers, these good narrators not only give texture and inflection to the narrative, but also tend to put on voices to … Continue reading When you read, do you hear voices in your head?

Olivia Joules: when audio rules

There are some books that are so good as audiobooks that I can't really imagine 'reading' them any other way. One of these for me is Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding (of Bridget Jones fame), read by Suzy Aitchison. I had a situation this week, when the audio I was listening … Continue reading Olivia Joules: when audio rules

Talking audiobooks with Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

This week I'm a guest over at Diana Lesire Brandmeyer's blog talking on the subject of audiobooks... Three reasons why audiobooks are awesome The rise of the e-book over the past few years has sparked some fun discussions about the various merits of ‘tree’ versus ‘e’… But there’s a third format that doesn’t seem to … Continue reading Talking audiobooks with Diana Lesire Brandmeyer