2013 is here — let’s get to it!

I am really looking forward to 2013. I have no idea why the arbitrary transition from one year to the next should mean anything, but it does, and I always find myself identifying new challenges and revising goals (once I’m done reflecting on the year that was)…

Often my plans for a new year involve a scrambling attempt to rectify the ‘failings’ of the previous one. But not this year. As 2013 commences I feel invigorated and positive and eager to build upon what ended up a pretty good year. Sure, there were some things that didn’t turn out so well, and I will seek to rectify those, but on the whole it’s onwards and upwards!

On the writing front

My current fantasy WIP has exploded somewhat, and I want to wrestle it back into control for long enough for me to complete a first draft. I don’t know how long this will take, but I want to adopt a regular routine of 3-4 dedicated sessions a week. My calculations suggest that some 6,000 words per week will achieve me around 25,000 words a month, so I should be able to complete the novel within a few months. I daresay it won’t quite happen like that, but let’s see how I go! First I need to get my head back into it after a break in December. And then of course will come the delight — and challenge — of revising.

To support this endeavour, I want to transform my study into an enticing nook instead of a chaotic dumping ground with a desk in the corner. I need a new desk with better ergonomics, a new chair, and probably a new computer too. This will no doubt take a little while… But ultimately, I want to want to go sit at my desk, instead of succumbing to the laptop on the sofa (where the TV is an evil distraction).

Social media

I really enjoyed developing this blog in 2012, and I hope to improve it even further this year. In addition, I’m gearing myself up for a foray into a couple more (hitherto unvisited by me) social media sites — pinterest and Goodreads. Not that I have any extra time, you understand. But I keep hearing about them, and I’m convinced I’m missing out on something amazing…

The Goodreads angle does of course key in with the sentiments expressed in my previous post. I must read more this year!

Extra-curricular activities

During 2012 I swept aside  most non-family-related extra-curricular activities with the view to prioritising my writing ‘second career’. However, it has been borne upon me more than once that one needs to refill the creative well. It’s not actually healthy (or especially productive) to sit in front of a computer all the time, so this year I want to get away from the desk a bit more — whether day trips out of town, craft workshops, that choir I mentioned a week ago, etc.

World Fantasy 2013

This last is more of a statement than a ‘resolution’, but I’m very excited to be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton UK in late October/early November. In view of potential industry networking opportunities at this event (of the type that are much more tricky from Australia), there are certain novel milestones I’d like to achieve by then, but I’m not going to get obsessed about them.

I want to feel good about what I’m doing this year — maintain the joy, not get stressed about what isn’t happening, focus on what I have to do not what others are doing… I’m going to continue with the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ principle of Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, and try to ‘run my own race’.

OK, that’s enough self-absorbed contemplation. Thanks for bearing with me!

2013 is here — let’s get to it!


21 thoughts on “2013 is here — let’s get to it!

  1. What a great bunch of goals and plans you’ve got. How exciting that you’re attending the World Fantasy Convention! Even though I know nothing about this convention, I can tell by your enthusiasm that it’s an important, career-boosting, and energizing thing to go to, so yay you!

    I also need to get my writing space more organized and enticing. Actually, I need to find furniture that is sized to my short stature. Too many neck and shoulder aches from having my laptop on too high of a desk.

    And I’m looking forward to seeing you on Pinterest, Ellen. There are some great ideas for home office space makeovers. 🙂


    1. Yeah, the World Fantasy Convention is a big one in the speculative fiction world. I attended the 2011 one in San Diego and it was amazing. (It’s most often held in North America.)

      I only realised recently (writing an office ergonomics article for work) how bad my home office situation is… But aside from that, I’m finding myself avoiding turning on that computer and preferring to work off my small netbook on the couch (not ergonomically great either – but at least my feet are up!). I used to eat my dinner in front of my computer every night and the TV never went on. I want to regain that habit!


  2. Yay!
    *waves pom-poms*
    I look forward to tracking your progress over the course of the year. And of envying your trip to World Fantasy 2013.


  3. It is odd isn’t it how a label can change our perceptions. 2013, after all, is (to begin with) only separated by a few minutes/hours from 2012, yet I think most people feel as you do that it is a new beginning, and a chance for renewal and change. I think it’s a good thing that once a year everyone gets the motivation to re-evaluate their lives and goals and to make some changes.

    You’ve got some great goals set out. Good luck! I’m hoping to build on the success of last year, rather than letting the momentum fizzle out. I’ve got a feeling that 2013 is going to be a good year 🙂


  4. These seem like some reasonable goals. You’re totally right about the need to refill the creative well and allow yourself some activates besides working and writing. I hope the D&D game you’re in is still going strong…playing an RPG with friends is great for that very thing 🙂


      1. Glad to hear it 🙂

        Yeah, sorry I haven’t dropped by in a while. With finishing up my first semester back in school, the holidays, and putting work in on my current writing project, I let social media stuff fall by the wayside 😦

        But I’m fixing that starting today 🙂


          1. I’ve missed you guys too 🙂

            re: The Next Big Thing…

            Very possibly, although I’d like to know more about it before I commit. What does it involve? My blog has languished in the space between the worlds and I need to resurrect it–hopefully in the next week or two.


          2. I will try to unearth the mystical lore that would enable me to become a powerful blogomancer.

            Or maybe I just need to fine-tune my time management skills now that I have a successful semester back in school behind me 😉


  5. Ooh, WFC! We expect a long con report from you after you get back. 😀

    I like your goal about getting out and doing more extracurricular things. It’s something I’m particularly bad about, too, even though I know how these things feed me.


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