Sunday Journal: Progress and the career juggling act

Last time I checked in for Sunday (er, Monday) Journal I was tearing my hair out, but the past month has been looking up. Reasonable progress on my novel revision, another TWO weekend retreats to Phillip Island... a bit too much 'dayjob' work though. On the writing front, I've spent a fair deal of time … Continue reading Sunday Journal: Progress and the career juggling act

Monday Journal: Revision rumblings

I talk a lot about how much I enjoy the novel revision process. And I really do. I love building the story up and out and working in the detail, weaving the strands together, making them sing. As with nailing a well-tuned harmony, there's a thrill in getting it right. But... sometimes it can be … Continue reading Monday Journal: Revision rumblings

Sunday journal ~ push and shove

Gosh, another month has passed already... it's been a busy one. I'm still juggling creative endeavours with paid freelance and contracting work -- but as the latter gains momentum, the whole balance is becoming trickier. Business momentum is good -- yay! Displacement of writing time is not -- meh... I'm longing for a writing retreat … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ push and shove

Sunday journal ~ the other client

I've been writing steadily over the past two weeks. That is, I've been putting in a couple of hours most days, mostly in cafes. I've been treating 'creative endeavours' (including 'cafe writing') as another client in this new freelance/self-employed life of mine; another client with its own timesheet category. Not only does this log the … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ the other client

Sunday journal ~ keep it true

With an armful of devilcat (making it hard to type), I am happy to report a strong showing on the writing/revision front this week. I enjoyed reading through my writing journals (mostly) and have been thinking deeply about what needs to be done with this book -- and how I'm going to do it. I'm … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ keep it true

Sunday journal ~ rhythm

I'm contemplating a regular (semi-regular?) Sunday journal post, in which I muse briefly on recent creative endeavours and/or achievements. If it gets too boring, I'll stop, but let's see how we go... This past week I finished reading through the messy first draft of the novel I've been working on for the past, er, while. … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ rhythm

And that’s a NaNoWriMo wrap

Well, that was an experience. My first NaNoWriMo. I didn't quite make it to the end, but I did give it a red hot go for 25 days out of 30 and achieved 41, 750 words. This (aside from the fact I didn't achieve the ultimate goal of 50K) is a wonderful thing. It's certainly more … Continue reading And that’s a NaNoWriMo wrap

Four positives out of an ‘average’ WIP Wednesday

Ever have one of those days when you do all the right things -- sit down at the computer, open the WIP, block out all distractions, prepare for an unbroken afternoon of productivity -- and end up with a mere (this is almost too embarrassing to admit) 250 words? Four hours. FOUR HOURS was how … Continue reading Four positives out of an ‘average’ WIP Wednesday

Struck by an IDEA

Ever since the conclusion of the WriMoFoFo challenge in mid-July, my writing productivity has declined somewhat. This is partially due to the fact that I'm hunting for a job (a time-consuming and mind-numbing process), but mostly due to my decision to edit/revise/expand the opening section of this new novel and the conviction that there has … Continue reading Struck by an IDEA

Endless editing conundrum

I've thought of another argument against showing your WIP to your writing group: it instills a desire to spend time fine-tuning chapters that shouldn't really be fine-tuned until the entire draft is written. I mean, what's the point in wasting all that time fine-tuning material that you'll probably need to revise later anyway? But, the thing … Continue reading Endless editing conundrum