From Corfe Castle to Brighton

Let us journey back to the UK for a short while . . . Soaring high on a hill above a village in Dorset is a ruined castle. It's a strong, defensible position and the crumbling edifice dominates the lush green landscape all around. This is the 1000-year old Corfe Castle, built by William the Conqueror … Continue reading From Corfe Castle to Brighton

World Fantasy Convention 2013 – a wrapup

So, last weekend was the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, UK. My second,  following the San Diego WFC in 2011. Once again, I had an excellent time, my activities largely divided between the official program and socialising, er, networking, in the bar. New friends were made and insights obtained... All very satisfying and definitely inspirational. … Continue reading World Fantasy Convention 2013 – a wrapup

Spring wishes

The blossom is out and the last couple of days I've worn a tee-shirt. Yes, it's been a gorgeous sunny end to winter and next week Spring officially begins with forecast temperatures in the mid-twenties. The blooming of Spring and the crackle of Autumn are my favourite times of year. I'm always ready for the … Continue reading Spring wishes

Packing light – how much space do jeans take up?

For my next travel adventure -- which involves jaunting around south-west England for a few weeks before attending the 2013 World Fantasy Convention in Brighton -- I've set myself the challenge of carrying only a 35L backpack (Kathmandu Cane Toad) and a computer bag (my trusty lime green Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment). I'm pretty sure I … Continue reading Packing light – how much space do jeans take up?

2013 is here — let’s get to it!

I am really looking forward to 2013. I have no idea why the arbitrary transition from one year to the next should mean anything, but it does, and I always find myself identifying new challenges and revising goals (once I'm done reflecting on the year that was)... Often my plans for a new year involve a scrambling … Continue reading 2013 is here — let’s get to it!