Robert McKee Thriller Day – part 3

And now for part 3 of my Thriller Day summary, in which the craft and conventions of writing thrillers are contemplated. Story design I mentioned in an earlier post that McKee is famous for his four-day ‘Story’ seminar and accompanying book, both of which sound extremely worthwhile. Most people in the audience were familiar with … Continue reading Robert McKee Thriller Day – part 3

Robert McKee Thriller day – part 1

It was almost a month ago now, but I've finally gotten around to posting about the Robert McKee Thriller day. There is quite a deal to summarise, so I've decided to divide it into a few sections for ease of digestion. This is part 1. First off, I should say that I decided to attend … Continue reading Robert McKee Thriller day – part 1

WriMoFoFo wrap-up

I learnt some things about my writing process over the past 30 days of the WriMoFoFo challenge. The first is that I can actually push myself to let the story come out and 'write badly' if I put my mind to it. I kept telling myself that it didn't matter if the dialogue was bad, … Continue reading WriMoFoFo wrap-up

Where to start? The first chapter

Being in the early stages of a new novel, I've been thinking a lot about openings and first chapters. They are both essential to get right for different reasons: the opening (first couple of paragraphs) needs to immediately engage the reader, while the first chapter kicks off the story and generally provides the hook. Most writers spend a phenomenal amount … Continue reading Where to start? The first chapter

Non-linear narrative in fantasy

One of the aspects of fiction writing that I've had to work hard on over the years is how to structure a good story. For many writers this comes naturally, but I started with an interest in worldbuilding, high fantasy concepts and prose, which alone do not a good story make. I found out the hard way, … Continue reading Non-linear narrative in fantasy

With a dash of love

The rise of 'paranormal romance' as a best-selling genre has me reflecting on the role of 'romance' in the wider speculative fiction genre and fantasy in particular. I think it's fair to say that most fantasy novels written over the past few decades incorporate romantic sub-plots, and I'll admit without shame that I for one like a good dash … Continue reading With a dash of love