Are you an ailurophile?

Here’s a cool word


Sounds like… I don’t know what it sounds like.

What it means though is


Yep. It’s from the ancient Greek ailouros (cat) and philos (dear, beloved). And I’m guessing quite a few readers of this blog qualify as ailurophiles. Am I right?

Here’s my claim to fame — Chenna, otherwise known as the devilcat. And despite her antisocial behaviour and destructive tendencies, she’s very lovable really.


Aw, how could you not love a face like that? (This is actually, ahem, her begging for food face.)

So, fellow ailurophiles, it’s time to ‘fess up! Tell me about your favourite feline friends.

Today’s post is in response to this week’s wanafriday theme, which was to share interesting word. Check out these other posts:

18 thoughts on “Are you an ailurophile?

  1. Although I consider myself a dog person, I do have 3 cats and I love them 🙂

    I have 2 grey tabby cats ~ Kitty(Cleo) and Tiger and, of course, Chenna’s doppleganger ~ my tuxedo cat, Angel. They’re all sweet in their own ways and 2 of them like to sleep on their backs, which just cracks me up.

    I love that devilcat has two different colored eyes!


    1. Omg yes! I love cats but recently my beloved Tony passed.😢He was 18 and we had him since he was 1 month old. In loving memory of him. If anyone says they don’t like cats they are so wrong, they are the best! Dogs are so horrible and loud but cats are so nice and quiet(although my boy always called for food.


  2. I love cats. We have one, Hailey, who I’m pretty sure is part vampire. She was hubby’s before we got married, but now she’ sours. She can be lovey, but mostly she likes using her teeth on you. Still love my little furbaby though.


  3. I am most definitely an ailurophile. I have one cat, a male tabby named Sullivan to whom I serve as support staff. Would love to have more — to me, it’s not home without cats. 🙂 Chenna is gorgeous!


    1. Yes, me too. In that time I’ve had three cats… Emerald was a tabby we got as a kitten from a farm we were staying on. Then she had a litter of kittens and we kept one, a beautiful fluffy tortoiseshell called Moggie. Emerald disappeared soon after, but Moggie hung around for 12 years. I still miss her. Chenna came to live with me here almost 11 years ago.


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