When I was 12 – family road trip with dead kangaroos

I've been sorting through old storage boxes today, and I came across my first ever travel journal -- it's illustrated and everything. I was 12 years old, and our family was going on a camping road trip to South Australia's Flinders Ranges in our brand new 8-seater Mitsubishi van... *** Sunday 15 August -- Spent … Continue reading When I was 12 – family road trip with dead kangaroos

A campfire memory

My introduction to Tolkien came when my dad read The Hobbit to my sisters and I as we sat around a campfire. Could there be a more perfect scenario? Our family was camping in South Australia's Flinders Ranges. I was about 11, my sisters younger. Our evening's entertainment consisted of hunkering around the fire that … Continue reading A campfire memory

Your stories matter

There are many days as a writer when all I do is question myself. Is this novel any good? Do I have any talent at all? Should I just give up the whole writing thing as a bad idea? Who would actually bother reading anything I've written? Do I really want to add to all … Continue reading Your stories matter

Hungry cat

A very quick post today... Our Friday theme is: FUNNY -- post a joke, a hilarious video, a lol-funny graphic. I'm not sure the following video is hilarious, but 'funny' is not really my thing. Simon's Cat is, however, and his animations always make me laugh. They remind me so much of my Devilcat. This … Continue reading Hungry cat

Recipe for chocolate pudding

Comfort food. That was the first thing I thought of when pondering this week's WANAfriday blogging theme: Post your favourite recipe -- and perhaps a story to go with it! Yeah, all right, I proposed the theme. Because I've had a really tough week. And if someone put a piping hot bowl of chocolate pudding … Continue reading Recipe for chocolate pudding

Five favourite things RED

This week's Friday blog theme is a most admirable colour... Next to purple, red is probably my favourite of all the colours, although it hasn't always been such. I distinctly remember being convinced red didn't suit me at all when I was a kid. Not sure where that conviction originated... Anyway, now half the garments … Continue reading Five favourite things RED

If I could have one magical item…? That’s EASY!

Today's 'WANAfriday' prompt for consideration is this: If you could have one magical item, what would it be and why? I frequently daydream about someone asking me this question. Someone, that is, with the power to grant me my heart's desire. Because I totally know the answer. In fact, I confess I set the prompt … Continue reading If I could have one magical item…? That’s EASY!

What’s your favourite place?

How does one decide on one's favourite place in all the world? I thought this week's Friday prompt would be an easy assignment. I had only to sift through my memories and select the location that made my heart sing the loudest, the one I most yearn to return to. Only it turns out it's … Continue reading What’s your favourite place?

Diary of a Devilcat: Beware my Evil Eye

Says Chenna the devilcat: Ellen is letting me write the WANAFriday post today, because the estimable Liv Rancourt has acknowledged that "cats run the internet" and challenged humans to post about their favourite pets, real or imaginary. She might just be my new favourite person... Well, I can assure you I am very much real … Continue reading Diary of a Devilcat: Beware my Evil Eye

Wordle on Worldbuilding

Today's blogging theme is WORDLE, the wonderful word cloud tool. After some contemplation, I decided to build a word cloud from all my blog posts with the tag worldbuilding. Cool, huh? I rather think this word cloud reflects the themes of my blog quite well. It's made from the following eleven posts (a total of … Continue reading Wordle on Worldbuilding