On a writing (not reading) retreat

In many ways I suppose this could be a good weekend for reading. But that's not what I'm supposed to be doing... I'm at a writers retreat. I'm supposed to be writing. I'm here in a house with eight fellow word wranglers. There are laptops everywhere. The floor is strewn with cables.  Wine is being mulled... … Continue reading On a writing (not reading) retreat

The secret ingredient to productivity

They say one of the keys to being successful at any creative endeavour is perseverance. Discipline comes in handy too. Yeah yeah, there are also talent and self-belief, but they're very hard to control... There is another secret ingredient I've come to value very highly over the years -- and that's friends. More specifically, friends … Continue reading The secret ingredient to productivity

Eona launch at Glenfern

Today I attended the launch of Eona by the lovely Alison Goodman. It's the sequel to fantasy epic Eon, a tale of dragons and power and imperial politics set in a fantasy land inspired by medieval Chinese and Japanese mythologies. I'm actually reading Eon (also known as The Two Pearls of Wisdom) at the moment, and can't … Continue reading Eona launch at Glenfern