In the pub

I’m becoming rather a fan of writing in the pub. This might sound like a strange endeavour, and certainly our mini laptops all lined up receive odd looks from the other patrons. But, as we sit secure in a generous high-walled timber booth with wine, coffee and pub food flowing, somehow just the right creative ambiance is reached and my productivity escalates at least twofold.

Undoubtedly one of the reasons for my improved productivity is the absence of other distractions (writerly company notwithstanding). No Interwebs, or housework, or exercise regimes, or business of any other kind. Just the work (or two) in progress. No excuses.

There’s also the wine. In the evenings, wine will sometimes put me to sleep, rather than feed the creative juices; but in the afternoon in a group situation, it drowns my writing inhibitions, allowing the words to flow more freely. One reads about many famous writers who have enjoyed a tipple while in the creative mood, and one can see why.

I like writing in company with other writers too. Sure, there’s some chatter, but it conversely helps to keep me focused to know that others are taking a similar journey. We’re all committed, heads down, to being productive, and we all support each other in that.

All these benefits are similarly gained from a weekend writing retreat, but that’s much harder to organise. An afternoon in the local pub — which is rarely busy on a weekday (or even a weekend) afternoon — is something that can be scheduled easily. And why not?

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