Wordle on Worldbuilding

Today’s blogging theme is WORDLE, the wonderful word cloud tool. After some contemplation, I decided to build a word cloud from all my blog posts with the tag worldbuilding.

worldbuilding wordle#4

Cool, huh? I rather think this word cloud reflects the themes of my blog quite well.

It’s made from the following eleven posts (a total of just over 6000 words):


Join in the wanafriday fun by creating a wordle of something you’ve written and tweet to #wanafriday. Participants this week include:

  • Cora Ramos shares a wordle made from the blurb Β from her upcoming novel Dance the Dream Awake
  • Linda Adams shares a wordle from the last scene she wrote featuring a magic surfboard
  • Kim Griffin shares a wordle of her blog
  • Janice Heck shares a wordle of her first ever blog post
  • Liv Rancourt shares a synopsis wordle for one of her MSs (Hell… The story)
  • Rabia Gale shares a short story wordle (A Crackling of Thorns)Β from her forthcoming collection of broken fairy tales
  • Julie Farrar shares a wordle of things growing in her garden

I’ll update the list as they’re published.

What would you wordle?

23 thoughts on “Wordle on Worldbuilding

  1. Love it ~ and I need to go over your worldbuilding posts again for a refresher!

    I like the one you picked because you’re talking about worldbuilding and the words in the wordle look like bricks neatly stacked together to form a wall.


  2. I don’t think I’d risk doing one of these based upon my blog posts, given all the surreal metaphors I use. According to my dashboard, someone once found my blog using the search term ‘chlamydia gremlin’. I wish I knew why. I have a feeling my word cloud would have to be censored…


    1. But I’d LOVE to see one using surreal metaphors!! You should totally do one. Unless you use excessive profanity (which I know you don’t) I can see no reason at all for censorship. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by…


  3. Cool visual! I like the juxtaposition of concrete (beads, horses, hair) with things that are more abstract (love, experience).


  4. Very cool! I find interesting to notice which words jump out at me (besides world and fantasy, obviously) when I first look at it: love, hair, horses, know, characters, and write. Not sure what that says about me. πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks, Tami ~ I love the way you can stare at one of these world clouds for a while and all sorts of things keep jumping out. I keep seeing: want, story and love. πŸ™‚


  5. That’s a great idea–to use several of your blogs to make the Wordle– seems like you could use it somewhere on your blog permanently to give an overall feel to your writing. Nice idea.


    1. Thanks, Cora ~ I certainly wanted it to have a certain flavour. I’ve had a lot of travel posts recently, and that skewed the wordle derived from the site’s RSS feed (which I assume took the more recent posts).


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