South West Coast Path: Marazion to Mullion

Back in October I spent a couple of weeks hiking the UK's South West Coast Path in Cornwall -- from St Ives to Falmouth. The complete distance is 102 miles (according to the South West Coast Path website). I wrote about the first stage of my journey while taking a couple of rest days in … Continue reading South West Coast Path: Marazion to Mullion

Adventure in the rain

I like to think of myself as adventurous. It's probably one of the reasons I love fantasy so much -- with its quests and great sweeping landscapes. And it's definitely what drives me when I travel. The above photo epitomises adventure for me -- I'm sharing for the weekly photo challenge. Last year my desire … Continue reading Adventure in the rain

On the move

Today I am on the move... Via train, tram, bus and of course foot! Destination wedding -- hence the fancy coat. Following the wedding at the very pretty Abbotsford Convent, I might even walk the 3.7km to the reception. These boots are made for walking, baby! I also figured a post from my phone app … Continue reading On the move

South West Coast Path: Westward Ho! to Clovelly

Many walkers might have sat in the pub for an extra day instead of braving the SW Coast Path in the rain... Or caught the bus instead. But they would have missed out on a unique experience (that might have put my travelling companion off hiking for ever...). Having delayed our plans for a day … Continue reading South West Coast Path: Westward Ho! to Clovelly

South West Coast Path: Instow to Westward Ho!

The South West Coast Path is a 630 mile walk around the coast of SW England, from Minehead in Somerset to Poole in Dorset. As soon as I heard about it, when planning my current trip, I resolved to hike a couple of legs. Today the plan was to hike from Westward Ho! in north … Continue reading South West Coast Path: Instow to Westward Ho!

The beachfront beckons

Here in Melbourne, Australia, Spring is well underway after a miserable, wet Winter. As the days lengthen and the evenings grow warmer, the temptation to venture out into the evening is strong. Beckoned by the balmy air and lingering sunshine, I find myself donning track-pants and runners and heading down the driveway. I'm lucky enough to … Continue reading The beachfront beckons

Of walking (or not) and dodgy pedometers

Once upon a time I walked 100km. In just under 36 hours. I did this as part of the Oxfam Trailwalker fundraising event back in 2010. The challenge was to walk 100km as a team of four in less than 48 hours. It was an amazing experience -- and very very tough. (If you're interested, our Trailwalker team blog … Continue reading Of walking (or not) and dodgy pedometers

10K a day

The challenge is 10K a day -- but for once it's not words that are the target, but steps. I'm currently participating in the Global Corporate Challenge as part of a work initiative. It aims to get slothful desk workers out of their chairs and moving  towards improved health and productivity. The challenge has been going … Continue reading 10K a day