Hiking the Three Capes Track

So, I went hiking a couple of weeks ago. (Yep.) And, despite apprehension about my general fitness, I survived four days of schlepping around the Tasman Peninsula with only a few blisters and a mild case of sunburn. (I did wonder a few times -- muscles burning, lungs wheezing -- what the hell I was … Continue reading Hiking the Three Capes Track

Adventure in the rain

I like to think of myself as adventurous. It's probably one of the reasons I love fantasy so much -- with its quests and great sweeping landscapes. And it's definitely what drives me when I travel. The above photo epitomises adventure for me -- I'm sharing for the weekly photo challenge. Last year my desire … Continue reading Adventure in the rain

A is for Adventure

Today marks the first of a new series of posts I'm calling the 'A-Z of Fantasy'. Each post (roughly each fortnight) will be inspired by a different letter... and there are no other rules! I can think of many fantasy tropes beginning with A: apprentice, amulet, angst, armour, ale, armies... But in my view ADVENTURE … Continue reading A is for Adventure