The beachfront beckons

Melbourne on a Spring evening, viewed from Elwood.

Here in Melbourne, Australia, Spring is well underway after a miserable, wet Winter. As the days lengthen and the evenings grow warmer, the temptation to venture out into the evening is strong. Beckoned by the balmy air and lingering sunshine, I find myself donning track-pants and runners and heading down the driveway.

I’m lucky enough to live only a couple of kilometres from the beach, so it’s little effort to head for the beachfront, especially if I’m accompanied by one of my friends so I can combine conversation with my constitutional.

The above photo of Melbourne was taken on Monday this week as we paced along the beachfront path through the southern suburb of Elwood. I’ve walked this way many times, but I don’t think I’d ever before stopped to notice — or appreciate — this view of the city. The evening light was hitting the buildings just so, and with the waters of Port Phillip Bay in the foreground it looked particularly lovely.

I find evening walks ideal for unwinding after a long day at work — much better than staring at the TV in a stupour. Fresh air and exercise are one of the best things to get those creative juices flowing. And views of the beach — the choppy water, the waves, the sand, the gulls, even the old-ish stone wall — definitely feed the muse.

Evening walks along the beachfront is my inspiration of the week. Who else finds the coast fires their soul?

2 thoughts on “The beachfront beckons

  1. I, rather unromantically perhaps, kind of take the coast for granted considering I live about a mile away from the sea (uphill, luckily, so when those pesky icecaps finish melting I still won’t be underwater). Perhaps it’s just the bit I live by that has desensitised me, but I do still appreciate the beauty of the coast and the sea itself. My girlfriend and I often drive over to a small carpark next to the beach and just sit watching the sunset over the bay. It’s a great view, not only because of the surrounding landscape, but because of St Michael’s Mount; a genuine castle on an island. That’s been jumbling around inside my imagination for a while now. Who knows what it might inspire?

    Enjoy your spring. It’s Autumn here in the UK, but then again, it’s hard to tell, considering it’s the same rubbish weather we’ve had all year. I haven’t even had a chance to stop wearing the new winter coat I bought last Christmas…


    1. Oh my, how lucky are you? I would love to live a mile from a beach overlooking an island with a real castle… In fact I have dreams that one day… After all, I do have a British passport!

      Try not to take it for granted too much 🙂


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