Talking audiobooks with Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

This week I’m a guest over at Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s blog talking on the subject of audiobooks…

Three reasons why audiobooks are awesome

The rise of the e-book over the past few years has sparked some fun discussions about the various merits of ‘tree’ versus ‘e’… But there’s a third format that doesn’t seem to get all that much airtime – the audiobook. I constantly hear people say how they need to ‘read’ a book, and can’t absorb the words or the story when they are forced to listen. While I daresay this is true for some people – we’re all wired differently after all – I’m willing to bet a large number have never actually tried listening to an audiobook. I’m here to tell you they’re awesome!

To hear my three reasons you’ll have to click on over!

2 thoughts on “Talking audiobooks with Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

  1. It’s true, I’ve never listened to an audiobook, I sometimes wish I took more long journeys and had the means to listen to them. I love the kindle my Aunt gave me for Christmas, it complements computer technology, but have to admit I am struggling as to how I would listen to an audio with no CD player, no ipod, I better get over and read your post and see if it’s possible.


  2. Lovely to hear from you, Claire. But yes, I rather think a CD or MP3 player is a pre-requisite these days, especially if you don’t have long car trips.

    And kindles are indeed awesome!!

    I hope you enjoyed the full post…


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