In the minds of readers…

This year I thought I'd dig around in my archives a bit; resurrect and breathe some life into some of my older posts from a time when no-one read this blog. There's some good stuff buried back there. Well, I think it's good. Seems a shame for no-one to have read any of it. This … Continue reading In the minds of readers…

Four things I want my writing to accomplish

It seems I've finally gotten around to my promised post on "Why I Write" in response to Liv Rancourt's guest post in December. I should point out, though, that the focus is not so much on why I slave away for hours at the computer when I could be relaxing... it's rather on what's important about … Continue reading Four things I want my writing to accomplish

More on writers and platform pressure

Oh my, the debate about writers and platform expectations is still raging. Over the past couple of days I've spent hours knee-deep in blog posts and reader comments, my little introvert heart pounding with apprehension. (Hours not writing, I might add...) Rachelle Gardner's post on Wednesday talked about the need to quantify the size of … Continue reading More on writers and platform pressure

Endless editing conundrum

I've thought of another argument against showing your WIP to your writing group: it instills a desire to spend time fine-tuning chapters that shouldn't really be fine-tuned until the entire draft is written. I mean, what's the point in wasting all that time fine-tuning material that you'll probably need to revise later anyway? But, the thing … Continue reading Endless editing conundrum

The WIP and the writing group

This week's musings (a day late, sorry) surround feedback on novel manuscripts -- as in how to get the most out of it. I don't know about other writers, but I rather like to share my work. I'm not necessarily talking about a critical appraisal here, I'm talking about just having it read. In fact, … Continue reading The WIP and the writing group