Hey, what about those Herculaneum papyrus scrolls?

Sometimes I can be guilty of thinking life might be simpler without modern technology. Despite the fact I'm a technologist at heart. But then I hear about something that takes my breath away, and I'm back on the modern technology bandwagon. Hell, with this one I'm back on the research bandwagon as well... There came … Continue reading Hey, what about those Herculaneum papyrus scrolls?

Contemplating Wild China

I'm starting to think about my next adventure. And it's exciting. Where in the world (literally) shall I go next? I was originally intending to trek around Mont Blanc in central Europe. It's a 180km Alpine route through France, Switzerland and Italy, taking about 11 days. I've been wanting to do it for a while … Continue reading Contemplating Wild China


On Sunday I bought some arrows. Three arrows with pointed heads, long wooden shafts and feathered fletching. They are hand-crafted replicas of old-style arrows I came across at the Old World Arts and Blacksmiths Fair I went to yesterday, and I completely fell in love with them. They look awesome standing in a glass jar … Continue reading Arrows

Melbourne to Hobart 2013 … off topic

This post by my very good friend Emma Watt is about the trials, tribulations and HORRORS of ocean racing. I’m reblogging because I think it’s fabulous research for authors! Read on to feel the buffetting wind, the surging water, the bone-deep cold, the churning stomach, the stench of spew…


crew arrival shot by mum Although this blog is really a place for me to keep low FODMAP recipes as I find them / develop them / test them, I thought it would be a sensible place to keep and share my memories of the 2013 Melbourne to Hobart yacht race.  So this post has nothing to do with cooking, and everything to do with chucking – you have been warned!

This post has mixed tenses and pronouns, and frankly right now I don’t care 🙂  I’m just getting it out there, thanks for reading, sorry about the poor quality of the writing.

How did I get here?

I have done a fair bit of ocean racing … in the past.  It’s been about two years since I sailed with any sort of regularity, and I worked out that I hadn’t done a Hobart race since 2009.  In my time, I’ve done two Sydney to…

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Fantasy and the Fast Diet

Today I ate just 500 calories' worth of food. I've decided to try out 'The Fast Diet' and today was my first fasting day. The Fast Diet seems to be all the rage just now. Check out the web site for the full deal, but in essence it involves fasting for two days in the week, … Continue reading Fantasy and the Fast Diet

Blast from the past: specimens and notebooks

Another thing I came across on the weekend while sorting through storage boxes was all my old thesis stuff. Two boxes, filled with notebooks, log books, specimens, and negatives.   So many negatives. Remember them? Much of my thesis involved looking at tiny bits of steel under electron microscopes and I have the photos to … Continue reading Blast from the past: specimens and notebooks

Facing fears (or the dead thing under the fridge)

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to "face one's fears". Without me really stopping to think about it, I guess the phrase has always had literal meaning for me. But what is fear, exactly? Wikipedia says fear is (in part) "an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to … Continue reading Facing fears (or the dead thing under the fridge)

With beads and braids in her hair

Last week my niece, who's nearly 10, showed up with coloured plastic beads threaded in her short dark hair. She'd strung the beads onto three strands of hair near her brow, and they clicked and jingled and looked really cute and funky. She offered to thread some into my hair and I will confess it … Continue reading With beads and braids in her hair

World Fantasy highlights: Connie Willis (with Neil Gaiman)

I'm still in World Fantasy wind-down mode, and today bring you the highlights provided by Toastmaster, Connie Willis. If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I was recently blown away by her novel Doomsday Book, so was particularly keen to hear what she had to say in person. And what a delight! I … Continue reading World Fantasy highlights: Connie Willis (with Neil Gaiman)