Descent – ways with water

I'm taking an engineering viewpoint on this week's photo challenge theme of Descent. Because I've long been fascinated and thrilled by the way our forefathers used the controlled descent of water under gravity as very clean power source (and indeed modern hydropower stations do too). Above is the flour mill at Cotehele in Cornwall. Water … Continue reading Descent – ways with water

Endurance: Ring of Brodgar

About ten years ago I visited Scotland for the second time. I took a six day small group tour right around the country, which included a day in the Orkney Isles. The neolithic village of Skara Brae still has to be one of the most remarkable sites I've ever visited. Talk about endurance. The remains … Continue reading Endurance: Ring of Brodgar

Three-picture story of Roman aqueduct

I'm rather fond of telling stories... but telling a story in three photos is a different challenge -- and also happens to be this week's theme for the WordPress weekly photo challenge. So today I'm going to tell you a story about the magnificant Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain -- one of the highlights of … Continue reading Three-picture story of Roman aqueduct

How Time Team can help with fantasy worldbuilding

I've recently been watching a lot of old Time Team episodes (a British TV show hosted by Tony Robinson in which a bunch of archaeologists excavate exciting things over three days). I think they have the best job ever. I absolutely love the fact there's so much history buried under pretty much every innocuous field or footpath … Continue reading How Time Team can help with fantasy worldbuilding

And now for some blog joy

A few days ago I was talking about writing with joy -- but now it seems blogging with joy can be good too. I was thrilled a couple of days ago to be tagged by The Hyperteller for the 'Tell me about yourself' award. Perhaps I'm a little more excited than is warranted, but it's so … Continue reading And now for some blog joy