Textures… of France and Spain

I love photographing textures. I'm sure there are others who do a much better job of it, but I make the attempt all the same. Especially when I'm travelling, because that's often when I'm looking and seeing and breathing in the atmosphere of a place. Today's textures are once again inspired by the WordPress weekly … Continue reading Textures… of France and Spain


Today I bring you two very different images from my journeys through Spain a few years ago, inspired by the latest WordPress weekly photo challenge theme, which is ZIGZAG. The featured image (above) is from the Alcazar (palace) in Seville. It's a simple staircase descending into a tiled foyer, but I've always loved the angles … Continue reading Zigzag

Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island

Winter sun. Wind. Waves. Words. Phillip Island in winter is quiet, serene, beautiful. With the blessing of a clear weekend, I hightailed down to the island this past weekend for some much-needed R&R and time alone with my WIP. It turned out to be one of the most relaxing and joyous weekends I've ever spent … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island


Phillip Island is one of my happy places -- although I don't seem to get down there nearly often enough these days. On one of my first solitary writing weekends on the island, I took a walk along the beautiful southern coast to discover the wreck of the SS Speke in the picturesque Kitty Miller … Continue reading Relic

Three-picture story of Roman aqueduct

I'm rather fond of telling stories... but telling a story in three photos is a different challenge -- and also happens to be this week's theme for the WordPress weekly photo challenge. So today I'm going to tell you a story about the magnificant Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain -- one of the highlights of … Continue reading Three-picture story of Roman aqueduct

Weekly photo challenge: The Sea

Almost every time I go down to Phillip Island I walk along the beach east into Cowes or west to Red Rocks beach... Or sometimes I take one of the walks along the rugged southern coast of the island, where the scenery is striking. Almost every time I walk, I snap some photos of the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: The Sea