Descent – ways with water

I'm taking an engineering viewpoint on this week's photo challenge theme of Descent. Because I've long been fascinated and thrilled by the way our forefathers used the controlled descent of water under gravity as very clean power source (and indeed modern hydropower stations do too). Above is the flour mill at Cotehele in Cornwall. Water … Continue reading Descent – ways with water


Today I bring you two very different images from my journeys through Spain a few years ago, inspired by the latest WordPress weekly photo challenge theme, which is ZIGZAG. The featured image (above) is from the Alcazar (palace) in Seville. It's a simple staircase descending into a tiled foyer, but I've always loved the angles … Continue reading Zigzag

A good SIGN for a hungry traveller

I was flicking through a bunch of travel photos just last week and came across a pic of this fabulous sign, and made a mental note to drag it out if/when the WordPress weekly photo challenge called for a sign. Surprise! I didn't have to wait very long -- the blog gods clearly heard me, … Continue reading A good SIGN for a hungry traveller

Weekly photo challenge: forward

The theme is   I was thinking about something metaphorical, since I'm trying to progress both my careers at the moment... But I couldn't find exactly the image concept I wanted. And then I was so inspired by the fact that the Alhambra had inspired the theme in the first place, that I decided to … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: forward