Weekly photo challenge: The Sea

Almost every time I go down to Phillip Island I walk along the beach east into Cowes or west to Red Rocks beach… Or sometimes I take one of the walks along the rugged southern coast of the island, where the scenery is striking.

Almost every time I walk, I snap some photos of the beach or the sea. Sometimes I’m inspired by the sun setting over water, or it’s the abundant sea birds paddling in the wash that capture my attention; other times it’s the sight of an old timber boat ramp (or posts) extending out into the water…

So naturally I couldn’t go past this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge

The Sea

These are all pictures of the sea around Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia. It’s such a lovely place.

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: The Sea

  1. Lovely photos. My family lives on the Mornington Peninsula, so looking at your images makes me feel very nostalgic πŸ™‚


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