Phillip Island is one of my happy places — although I don’t seem to get down there nearly often enough these days. On one of my first solitary writing weekends on the island, I took a walk along the beautiful southern coast to discover the wreck of the SS Speke in the picturesque Kitty Miller Bay.

Rusted out fragments of hull decaying on the rocky shore is all that’s left. But it’s a beautiful relic to feature for the WordPress weekly photo challenge.

The walk was not well marked, and required me to plough through the grass and dunes to reach the beach. The wreck of the Speke can only be reached at low tide too, which added to the adventure.

I then went on to hike along the beach and over the dunes on what is still one of my most memorable walks on Phillip Island. I really should get back there and see what the last few years have done to the poor old Speke.

16 thoughts on “Relic

  1. I haven’t been to Phillip Island in the longest time. I keep meaning to go back but never seem to get around it. Might have to lock in a visit later this year and catch the penguin parade again, though I now how the Speke to add to list of things to do there!


    1. I love it down there, although more of than not I’m house bound, writing. The south coast is particularly beautiful, though. The coast around the Speke is my favourite.


    1. There’s so much to see on Phillip Island – a lot packed into a very small space. I can definitely recommend the walks along the southern coast, in particular. Lovely to have you drop by, and thanks for following!


      1. Thanks Ellen … always nice to follow a blogger in the same country! Yes, I can’t wait to go to the Island as others too have told me about it. Tess


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